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How to participate in the competition


How to participate in the competition</a>

The desire to take part in the contest always pleases its organizers.

Therefore, they will gladly meet you, in case of questions.

You can declare your participation in the contest in various ways, it all depends on the format of the event and its conditions.



If you wish to participate in a televisionCompetition, you should pay attention to the requirements that the organizers put forward. For each competition requirements - their own. Most often, the audience is asked to send a video about themselves, to tell originally about the reason for your participation, to demonstrate their skills and well, and it will be better if you surprise the founders of the competition so that they remember you and sing out of the crowd.


To take part in a certain transfer orShow program visit the official website of the program, which details the conditions and requirements for participants, presented on a competitive basis, depending on the profile of the program. For example, to participate in the transfer of "Field of Miracles", you need to send to the Ostankino television center an original crossword model made by yourself. And for programs where the design of an apartment or a house is changed, you should send a video about your apartment.


For participation in the regular competition there isStandard set of requirements: fill out a questionnaire, have an appropriate appearance, have a passport, grab a support group, be in excellent shape.

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