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How to participate in the competition

How to participate in the competition

The desire to take part in the competition always pleases its organizers.

Therefore, they will be happy to meet you in case of questions.

Announced its participation in the competition can be in many ways, it all depends on the format of the event and its conditions.



If you wish to participate in the televisioncompetition, it is necessary to pay attention to the requirements that are put forward by the organizers. Each competition requirements - your own. More often than not, the audience is asked to send the video itself, originally tell the reason of your participation, demonstrate their skills, well, it would be best if you have something to surprise the competition founders that they be remembered and stand out from the crowd.


To participate in the transfer or a particularshow program, visit the official website of the program, where conditions are described in detail and requirements to be met on a competitive basis according to the profile direction of the program. For example, to participate in the program "Field of Miracles", you must send in the Ostankino television center crossword original model, made with his own hands. And for transmission, where the changing design of the apartment or house, you should send a video of your apartment.


To take part in the usual contest thereStandard set of requirements: complete the form, have a corresponding event appearance, have a passport, to capture the support team to be in great shape.

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