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How to make insurance for Schengen visa

How to take out insurance for a Schengen visa

Get a Schengen visa can not be without health insurance for.

This document gives the right to free medical treatment in any country of the European Union in the event of one of these in it insurance cases.



Out health insurance in tourismagency. This option is ideal for those who are going to travel on the ticket. they just will not sell you a tour without issuing insurance, for which you will need to deposit a certain sum - On receipt of the policy do not even need to remind employees of the company.


Use the services of an insurance company. Naturally, it is better to apply to the company, which is already well established. To obtain the necessary policy so check with the visa application center or online at the desired embassy of the country all the conditions of insurance, the insurance company shall pay to the passport, and specify the number of days on which you have to take out health insurance.


Contact your insurance company, which provides health insurance institution where you work. In this case, there is a possibility to design it for a longer period of time and for free.


Remember that for entry to the European Unionneed insurance that covers the cost of 30 thousand euros. Usually it is calculated on the basis of 1-2 euros per day, but the final price also depends on the age of the insured person, the situation in the country, the cost and duration of travel. It is also important and the type of holiday - travel insurance adventure will cost much more expensive, because it will be distributed to more insurance claims.


Carefully read the medical conditionsinsurance. Find out what the case is for you the insurance, not to be left without money for treatment. The cost of insurance often does not include dental care or treatment of the effects of long-term illness. It is desirable that a medical insurance policy covers not only treatment, but also includes the cost of transportation to the place of residence in the case of an insured event.

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