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How to remove kranbuksu

Removing kranbuksu

One of the weakest places prone to breakageany household water tap or mixer is its locking mechanism is also called kranbuksoy. Even by widespread faucets with ceramic valves often fail.

Therefore, for repair faulty crane is usually easy enough to remove and install the new kranbuksu.

You will need

  • - Adjustable key-
  • - Flat and Phillips screwdrivers.



Shut off the water supply to the water branch wiring,The device is powered with crane selected for dismantling kranbuksy. Use the shut-off valve that separates the local layout of the total water supply. The flat armature is usually next to the central riser - system of pipes running vertically through the entire building.


Remove the top cover of a flywheel, mounted onkranbukse. This is necessary for further disassembly of the flywheel, as is usually the lid fixing screw. The method of removing the cover depends on its construction. As a rule, it is enough to hook a thin knife and pull up. Sometimes the lid can be secured by a threaded connection. In this case, unscrew it.


Remove the flywheel. Remove the screw that secures it to kranbukse. Pull the handwheel toward you.


Remove the kranbuksu. Take the wrench and set the desired solution of its jaws or pick up an ordinary key of suitable size. Carefully unscrew kranbuksu from the apparatus in which it is secured. Screwing made on the direction of travel counterclockwise strelki.Osmotrite the inside of the socket device, which was attached kranbuksa. Check to see whether there were rubber gaskets or cuffs. If so, make their removal with a suitable tool.

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