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How to remove craneboxes


How to remove craneboxes</a>

One of the weakest places that are susceptible to breakageAny household faucet or water tap is its locking mechanism, also called cranboux. Even widely used valves with ceramic valves often fail.

Therefore, in order to repair a faulty crane, it is usually enough to simply remove the crane and install a new one.

You will need

  • - adjustable wrench-
  • - flat and cross screwdrivers.



Shut off the water supply to the water distribution branch,Feeding device with a crane, selected for dismantling crane boxes. Use a shut-off valve that separates the local wiring from the common water supply system. In the apartments, the stop valves are, as a rule, next to the central riser - a system of pipes running vertically through the entire building.


Remove the upper cover of the flywheel fixed to theCrankbox. This is necessary for the further dismantling of the flywheel itself, since there is usually a fixing screw under the cover. The method of removing the lid depends on its design. As a rule, it is enough to pull it with a thin knife and pull it upwards. Sometimes the lid can be fixed with a threaded connection. In this case, unscrew it.


Remove the flywheel. Remove the screw that secures it to the crane. Pull the handwheel toward you.


Uncheck Cranbrax. Take the adjustable wrench and install the desired solution of its sponges or select a normal key of the appropriate size. Carefully unscrew Cranbrax From the case of the device in which it is fixed. Turn the screw in the direction of movement counter-clockwise. Look at the inside of the socket of the device in which the crane was fixed. Check if there are any rubber gaskets or cuffs left. If so, remove them with a suitable tool.

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