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How to take the goods for sale


How to take the goods for sale</a>

As the recently opened store opens, it appears that there are empty shelves.

To make the store profitable, and the place is not empty, the most optimal option will be to take the necessary quantity of goods for implementation.

You will need

  • - commission agreement-
  • - commercial proposal-
  • - Waybills.



To find the goods for sale, find the wholesaleAn organization that would like to increase its sales. Send her a commercial offer. Search for the organization carry out on announcements through thematic forums, bulletin boards, mass-media, directories of the organizations.


As soon as your offer isReviewed and approved, which the wholesale organization will report in a response letter or by phone, formalize its relationship with the owner of the goods, drawing up a commission agreement. To do this, write in the water part of the contract information about the representatives of the parties to the contract. Specify the place of drawing up, date, month, year of signing, names of the parties to the agreement, coinciding with the data of constituent documents, positions occupied by representatives of the parties. In the main part of the contract, regulate the basic conditions. Specify the object and purpose of the contract, the assortment of goods, the quality of the goods, the price of the goods, the terms of delivery, the rights and obligations of the parties, the standards of liability for non-performance of the contract, the term of validity and conditions for the extension, modification or termination of the contract. In the final part of the contract, specify the requisites, seals and signatures of the parties.


In the established terms, specified in the contract,Accept delivery of the goods from the committent with the invoice attached to it marked "On commission". Register an invoice in the sales book, which will indicate the amount of commission and send it to the committent.

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