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HOW to take the favorable credit

How to get a favorable loan

Today the Russian market is replete with loan offers.

With such a variety it is important to make the right choices and determine the most appropriate loan offer.

What determines the conditions of the loan

Understanding beneficial loan for each borrowerthe. For some, this implies low interest loan, for others - a long term lending for third - loyal to the bank's requirements and a minimum package of documents. Unfortunately, to combine all these requirements in practice almost impossible.
As a rule, the greater the loan term - thehigher interest on the loan. The exception, perhaps, is only mortgages. But there are some pitfalls, because when you make a home loan must be paid commission for consideration of the application, an assessment of the property and other payments.
Another pattern is that themore loyal to the requirements of the Bank of the borrower, the higher the interest rate will be offered. Therefore, a more advantageous offers presuppose the existence of proof of income, and in some cases - the collateral (apartments, cars) and a guarantee. This rule has only one exception - when you make a loan the bank's payroll clients they are required to a minimum package of documents. Often it is enough only a passport. The financial position of payroll clients more transparent for the bank, so the loans are issued to them on preferential rates.
For competitive rates optimally taketarget credit. The interest on it will be less than a diversion. The difference in interest rates between the two can reach 3-7%. The exception is the so-called pos-loans which are issued directly to the stores. Decisions on the granting of such loans are made by banks as soon as possible, so they can not adequately assess the risks and compensate for this higher rates on such loans.
Targeted loans are not issued on the hands of the borrower, and transferred directly to the company selling goods or providing services. Among them - car loans or education loans.

Rules for favorable loan

Before making the original loanWe need to study carefully the proposed credit program. One should pay attention not only to the interest rate, but also on other parameters. In particular, the Commission for the examination of the loan application, cash withdrawals, for maintaining the loan account, the availability of insurance and so on.
It is necessary to carefully evaluate their financial capabilities. It is not necessary to issue a loan if the monthly payment is more than 60% of monthly income. In this case it is necessary to increase the loan term.
Of course, it is impossible to obtain favorable loanwithout a good credit history. As a rule, the loan rate is floating and is determined for each client individually. Therefore, customers with problems with payments on past loans is unlikely to rely on favorable credit offers.

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