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How to take a debt on a receipt


There are situations in which friends or acquaintances want to borrow money from you.

In order to effect a refund of the amount, it is necessary at least to issue a receipt.

Thanks to it, if the terms of the borrower are not fulfilled, the money can be surrendered.



Sometimes it turns out that by giving money in debt, youCan not get them back from the debtor. And no persuasions and reminders help. The person then refers to the circumstances, then asks to extend the time of recoil. If the amount of money that was loaned out, a receipt is issued, then it is quite realistic to return it. It is not necessary to start with a court.


First, issue a redemption claimDebt. It should indicate all the negative aspects of the future non-return of payment: the calculation of interest for each day of delay. The longer the period, the more interest the borrower will pay for this period. And according to Art. 365 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation for the use of other people's money, a percentage is calculated based on the refinancing rate for the debt repayment rate. Having written down, thus, the total amount of the debt, you will most likely get payment on receipt.


Also indicate to your debtor that he will have to pay the costs of paying the state fee and for the services of a lawyer representing the interests of the creditor.


If all of the above warning measures are notHelped in the return of your debt, then it is worth to go to court. To do this, you must file a statement of claim, pay the state duty for the claim and for the application for the issuance of a court order and provide the receipt itself. The court order is issued without meetings, proceedings, invitations of witnesses.


If the debtor has not applied for cancellation(Equivalent to the writ of execution) within 10 days, then the bailiffs will work with him. First the bailiffs will demand payment of the debt, warn the borrower. Further the bailiffs will be forced to describe and seize property, to search for funds in bank accounts. After such measures of influence, your debt will definitely be returned.

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