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HOW to take the duty receipt

How to get a debt receipt

There are situations in which friends or acquaintances want to take your money in debt.

In order to make return of the amount, the minimum required to issue a receipt.

Thanks to the non-compliance with the conditions of the borrower money can sue.



Sometimes it turns out that giving money to the debt, youjust can not get them back from the debtor. And no amount of persuasion and reminders do not help. Man refers to the circumstances, the requests to extend the time of return. If the amount of money that was given on loan, framed receipt, then return it's real. You do not have to start from the court.


Please Apply for repayment claimdebt. It should include all the negative aspects of the further payment of no return: the accrual of interest for each day of delay. The longer, the more interest the borrower will pay for this period. And according to st.365 Civil Code of the Russian Federation for the use of borrowed money and earn interest based on the rate of refinancing for the debt repayment rate. Painted, so the final amount of the debt, you are likely to achieve payment on receipt.


Also indicate your debtor that he will have to pay the costs of payment of the fee and for the provision of services of a lawyer representing the interests of the creditor.


If all these measures do not preventhelped in the return of your debt, then you should go to court. To do this, you need to file a claim, pay the state fee for the lawsuit and for the application for issuance of a court order and provide a receipt itself. The court order is issued without meetings, proceedings, invitations to witnesses.


If the debtor has not filed an application for cancellationcourt order (writ of execution is equal to) 10 days, then it will continue to work bailiffs. At first, police officers will be required to pay the debt, to warn the borrower. Then police officers will have to describe and to arrest property, search for funds to bank accounts. After these interventions is your duty exactly it will be returned.

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