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How to take credit of trust in MegaFon

How to take credit of trust in MegaFon

"Megaphone" subscribers have the opportunity to call on a mobile phone credit when their balance is already "gone to minus."

The longer the client is served by a cellular network, and the more often use its services (including additional), the greater may be his credit limit.

You will need

  • connection to the network "Megaphone"



Size limit depends on the user experience and volume of monthly expenses for mobile communication.
"Credibility" is available to customers"Megaphone", whose costs in the last two months is not less than 700 rubles. Size Resolution "duty" can be from 600 to 1700 rubles.


To be able to talk to "borrow"in the "credibility", it is necessary to connect to the service, otpraviviv a text message with the number 1 to number 5138. Connection "credibility" and use of this service is free.


The size of its credittion limit user can find out by sending a text message with the number 3 on the free number 5138.
Repaid to talk credit client "Megaphone" should be within one month from the date of service activation.

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