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How to take care of your hair?

How to take care of their hair?

A person's appearance is attractive, if his hair groomed.

In order to radiate beauty and hair health, care must be taken about its condition.

You also need to pay attention to hair loss.

head smeared his skin sebaceous glandsHair secret, which then becomes elastic, supple and shiny. It consists of flakes, which should fit tightly against each other. This gives silkiness, softness and shine. If the top layer of the hair is damaged, they become brittle and easily confused.

The average person loses 60-100 hairs a day. The main reason may be that the state of nervousness. On the scalp constrict capillaries that is a consequence of the slow growth of hair. It is also the cause of hair loss can be unhealthy diet. It should be reduced in the diet of carbohydrates and fats. Hormonal failure can cause hair loss.

Persons with hereditary hair loss treatment should be started prior to the loss. External factors can affect the hair growth: coloring, perming or blow-dry utjuzhkom.

Caring for hair

1. It is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and calcium-rich.

2. To perform a head massage. It increases blood flow, which helps deliver nutrients to the hair.

3. To do a hydrating mask and herbal tea. To rub massaged into the scalp burdock oil.

4. Try to use as little as possible means for hair styling.

5. can not comb wet hair, because they are more brittle and fragile in this state.

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