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How to take care of your hair?


How to take care of your hair?</a>

The appearance of a man is attractive if his hair is well-groomed.

So that the head of hair radiates beauty and health, one should take care of its condition.

Also you need to pay attention to hair loss.

Sebaceous glands of the scalp lubricate theirSecret of hair, which then becomes elastic, flexible and shiny. It consists of flakes, which should fit tightly to each other. This gives silky, soft and shiny. If the top layer of hair is damaged, then they become brittle and easily tangled.

On average, a person loses 60-100 hair a day. The main reason for this may be a state of nervousness. On the scalp, capillaries narrow, which is a consequence of slow hair growth. Also, the cause of the fall can be malnutrition. It is necessary to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and fats in the diet. Hormonal failure can cause hair loss.

Persons with heredity of hair loss should begin treatment before falling. External factors can affect the growth of hair: dyeing, perm permitting hairdrier or ironing.

Care of hair

1. You need to eat foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, as well as rich in calcium.

2. Perform a head massage. Increased blood supply, which will help deliver nutrients to the hair.

3. Make nutritious masks and decoctions of herbs. Rub the burdock oil with massage movements into the scalp.

4. Try to use as little as possible to styling hair.

5. Do not comb wet hair, because in this state they are more brittle and brittle.

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