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How to take care of the child's perspective

How to take care of the child's perspective

One of the most important organs are the eyes through which we receive almost 90% of information about the world.

That is why the vision needs to be protected from an early age.

Workplace child

The child will have a lot to learn, spending hugethe amount of time at the desk. The work area should be organized properly. The table should be placed near the window, if daylight is not enough, you need to buy a desk lamp with a not very bright light, which should fall to the left of right-handers and left-handers from the right. The chair should be convenient and comfortable, the student must sit on it exactly, and notebooks and textbooks should always be at a distance of not less than 40 centimeters from the eyes.

Daily regime

Classes at the school and additional circles and sectionslead to the fact that the eyes are experiencing serious burden. Making lessons, the child should periodically distracted to relax the eyes. Be sure to find time for outdoor exercise and active games. Schoolboy should get enough sleep, and this is at least 9 hours of sleep, otherwise neither the body nor the eye will not be able to relax.

TV, computer and other electronic devices

You can not forbid the child to spend time atTV, computer or tablet, but this time it is necessary to minimize, as all electronic devices are the main enemies of children.

Nutrition for the eyes

students The diet should consist ofa variety of dishes prepared exclusively from natural products. The growing body needs vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Particular attention should be paid to the presence of a sufficient amount of vitamin A, which provides eye health and visual acuity for many years.

Regular eye exams

To make sure that the child has novision problems, it is necessary to regularly visit an ophthalmologist. Routine inspections should be held at least 1 time in 6 months. If the specialist recommends points to convince the child that is in them, he will not look foolish, as many children are afraid of it. You can look through magazines and find a stylish and self-confident students in trendy glasses.

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