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How to take care

How to take care

Caring for loved ones - the daily work of any person. It is important to take care of a loved one, we are constantly worried about him and want him to be in no need.

Wink care can be a variety of ways, and which one you choose, it's up to you.



Caring for a loved one. Here, the main thing - do not overdo it, or care will grow into an obsession that only deter you from your loved one. Each of us appreciates the attention. So try to be interested in things and mood of your loved one. Let him share with you my doubts, joys and prospects. He will be pleased to have found an attentive listener, which he is not indifferent. Hear him tell his solutions. Then treat him a delicious dinner. Create a home atmosphere of calm and comfort, while your loved one will be sure not to forget about him, waiting for him and care about him.


Taking care of children. Little urchins are very sensitive to parental affection. Do not skimp on the manifestation of tenderness. Whatever is done varmint, he should know that he has always loved and protected by an adult. Kiss him before going to bed, talk with them on equal terms. Let him tell you the main events of the day, and you do it - their stories of childhood. Spend free time together on the weekends. Teach cycling or rollerblading. Taking care not to pile boring moralizing and prohibitions, allow your child to go safely through life and every day to meet a happy smile on his face.


Taking care of colleagues and employees. If you - the head, then you have a huge responsibility. It depends on you whether staff turnover in the department, will develop and what the nature of relationships in the team. Be objective. Never blame a subordinate public. Talk with each alone, find out what the problems are in what state of health of colleagues, etc. In the end, from the employee depends on the efficiency of the overall activities of the company. Arrange a joint tea party, congratulate each other happy birthday, help in the working process, etc. The main thing - do not develop distance with subordinates, otherwise you run the risk of a gulf between form and your colleagues.

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