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How to take a bio-gel nails

How to take a bio-gel nails

Strengthening Biogel nail - common procedure, loved by the vast number of women.

The process of applying bio-gel fast enough, he keeps on nails about 3 weeks and can be removed without cutting of the nail plate.

You will need

  • - Cotton discs-
  • - Means for removal of a varnish with atsetonom-
  • - folga-
  • - Nail files.



The most safely and quickly remove bio-gel can besalon specializing in nail care. An experienced master easily and quickly remove the nail coating with special power-tool remuvera. To do this, a cotton rag or a disc well impregnated with the necessary structure and is applied to the nail. Then, from a solid foil make caps and put on top of a cotton swab. Biogel is soft after 5-10 minutes and will act quickly to nail tools nail plate. Then the nails can be covered immediately liked any covering or simply paint varnish.


If you go to a salon is not possible, tryremove bio-gel nails with the surface on their own. Please carefully Spila nail file small top layer of the gel. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the nail plate.


Take a remedy for nail polish remover containingacetone. If a part of the acetone not, soften Biogel fail. Cotton pads wet well fluid and place it on the nail. To pair acetone does not evaporate, the nail from top to wrap the dense foil, turning it into the matte side. After 15 minutes, free nail from a piece of fleece and foil. Biogel should be soft, like rubber plenochku and easily removed with an orange stick. If the coating is not pre-file down, to hold the liquid with acetone on the nail needs at least 25 minutes. Remove foil, turn to each finger. The fact that the air can quickly biogel it will harden and soften again.


Freed from covering nails, carefullypolish nail file special. Apply on top of several layers of reinforcing base and rub in cuticle special emollient oil. So it is possible to minimize the damage a little bit of homework procedures for removing bio-gel. Within a few days about it baths polish with sea salt or povtirayte in the nail plate of lemon juice. Nails need a course of procedures after restoring self-stripping process.


Consider the caveat that acetone - enoughcaustic liquid. Therefore, it can damage the surface of the nail and cause her rough and uneven. As a result, a perfect manicure with lacquer after the removal of bio-gel at home may not be possible.

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