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How to take an apartment from the developer

How to take an apartment from the developer

Buy a house share is very profitable, the apartment a year before putting the house can cost 30 percent less.

You can also buy an apartment without finishing and save on repairs and unnecessary materials.

But the quality of construction is often unsatisfactory and, in spite of the joy of the imminent move, you need to very carefully take the apartment and forced the builder to correct all defects.

You will need

  • - uroven-
  • - ruletka-
  • - Phone and charger device-
  • - lamp-
  • - lighter.



The apartment must be clean! Workers are required to remove all debris. Be very attentive, perhaps a newspaper on the sill covers the hole.


Check correct lighting and operation of switches.


Check whether the front door bell works. Most often, the door from the builder is better to change t. To. The locks may be the same all over the riser or entrance! If you have a programmable door lock, be sure to change the key immediately after acceptance of the apartment and do not let any of the workers. If you plan to use the door, carefully check the lock and seal.


Check all the electrical outlet. Make sure everything no matter how many of them there! After acceptance of the apartment will be very difficult to prove something, and for the repair will have to hammer away at the wall. To check, connect your phone via the Charger and check the charging is going.


Check the tightness and integrity of windows andbalcony glazing. To determine the drafts use the lighter. The flame should not deviate much, if the flame goes out do not take an apartment without a complete redesign of the windows. Check out all the ventilation position, check with the developer complete set of windows - perhaps under the contract you put a mosquito net, and about her "forgotten". The developer is obliged to give you a warranty card.


Check the floor curvature. To do this, you need to put on the floor the 2 meter plank and measuring the maximum gap. In accordance with current regulations may be:
- 0.2 cm for floors coated with a soft roll materials, PVC tiles, parquet or laminate..
- 0.4 cm for floors coated with hard materials and tile mosaic compositions..
As on any floor covering should be specified allowable curvature of the surface for laying.
Pay particular attention must be checked along the walls and corners.


Check the evenness of the walls a little more complicated. If you have already pasted wallpaper simply check the normal level, especially in the corners carefully, and see if there is significant eye defects. If only the walls plastered better to use a laser level considered normal deviation of 0.3 cm to 1 meter.


Check plumbing and counters. Here it is necessary to check with the builder what you should be, because uniform standards and there you can rent an apartment without even a toilet! If the plumbing is, check the availability of water and its temperature, if the pipe flow and any indications on the counters. Indications have to be transferred to the management company, to them began to consider your consumption.


Also check the meter reading and whether the panel is closed - repairers or neighbors can connect to it and then you have to pay for their electricity!


If you turn on the heating, check whether all batterieshot. Also check whether they occur. If the apartment is cold, ask the builder to measure the temperature (your measurements will not crush a claim).


Check ventilation. To do this, open the window and bring a lighter to the vent - if the flame does not move, the ventilation is not working.


At the end once again carefully inspect the apartment - there are no stains on the walls, odor, etc.


If you have any comments, even the smallest -make them in the act of reception-transmission! If there are serious comments, do not take the apartment if there is no serious arrange a time to eliminate and take away the keys. Do not forget, you have given a lot of money for an apartment, and it must be built quality!

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