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What you need to know to protect their rights, and what is your responsibility?



The order in which available holiday employee, clearly stated in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. Every employee who has worked at the company 6 months, has the right to holiday. It is available for all holidaytion year, the calculation begins with the reception date of the work. Once in 2010, Russia joined the international Convention №132? On paid holidayah ?, continuous part holidayand (at least 2 weeks) must be provided before closure holidaytion year. Example: holidaytion year on 05.07.2010g employee 04.07.2011g. Minimum 2 weeks holidayand they must be provided to the employee 04.07.2011g. The remaining unused days? and a half years after holidaytion year ie to 04.01.2013g.


Every year up to 15 December this year, a schedule of the enterprise holidays for the next calendar year. When scheduling should take into account the interests of both sides.
One of the conditions? uniformity of holidays during the year. Full right of choice is only for those employees who have privileges (for example, young workers, the husband of his wife during the period of maternity holidayie, the soldiers? Internationalists, and so on.) As soon as the schedule holidays approved by the supervisor and agreed with the union, it is effective and is required to carry out, as the employer and employee.


2 weeks before the scheduled holidayand you must give written notice (itwith the proviso that the exact date of the schedule is determined? day month Year). If the schedule was not only the month and year, you will be asked to write a handwritten statement. After the statement (or notification) will be signed, the expert in Human Resources will prepare an order for holidayand a note-payment. On the basis of these, signed by the head of the document, you will be credited holidaytion fee. It must be paid 3 days prior to the beginning holidaya. In that case, if the money for some reason it is not paid, you have the right to refuse holidaya.


Of course, the schedule holidays? it is not a dogma. There are situations where holiday you want to transfer. In this case, the written statement requesting you to change the period of the next holidayand stating the reason. If the cause is found to be valid and signed statement, the schedule holidays will be changed.

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