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How to make a screenshot on iPad


Learning to take screenshots, you can share with friends their successes in games. </a>

On the Internet, there are always colorful screenshots made by users of iPad tablets.

Do you also have this miracle device and you also want to share interesting pictures with the world, but do not know how to do it?

As easy as pie!

How to make a screenshot on iPad

So, you want to take a screen shot with funny correspondence, an interesting frame from the clip, a funny character from the game or just important information. Everything is very simple.

You need to take the tablet in hand and at the same timePress the two buttons. The first button is the one you click on, minimizing the applications. It is the only one that is located on the front of the tablet. The second button is the one that turns off the device. It is located on the other side of the first button, opposite the headphone jack and next to the camera.

By pressing these two buttons at the same time, you will hearA typical click, and the ipad screen for a split second will turn white. This will mean that the screenshot is ready, and you can use it. If you want to make a screenshot of a movie or video, it's better to pause it, after capturing the picture you need. In this case, you are guaranteed to get a pre-planned image.

A ready screen shot will be stored in yourPhoto album with photos saved and taken to the camera of your tablet. To access it, click on the "Photos" icon, which by default is located in the bottom row of the iPad tablet screen.

Making screenshots on ipods is much easier than on computers.

Editing a screenshot in iPad

Ready screenshots before sending orThe publication can be edited. For example, you need to crop this frame to remove unnecessary details from it. You can do it right in the photo album. To do this, click the "Change" button, select the "Trim" item and then select the desired area, then save the image.

Please note that the photo is not cropped.Irrevocably. If you want, you can restore the original screenshot. If the cropped part contains some secret information, it is better to use a third-party image editing program. Such applications are very much in the App Store.

Also in iOS 7 on the image, includingScreenshots, right in the album you can impose filters. Also available is the photo enhancement feature and the "red-eye effect". Of course, there you can rotate the photo.

Directly from the album you can send a screenshot via email (if you have a mail client configured), on iMessage, on Facebook and Twitter.

In order to expose an imageAdditional editing (for example, emphasize something, circle or apply additional filters), you should use applications to work with images. App Store offers a lot of both paid and free applications.

For example, you can use the free Aviary application, which allows you to perform many operations with images - from trimming and overlaying frames, to applying filters and creating memes.

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