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How to make a screenshot of the laptop screen


Take a screenshot of the screen yourself!</a>

Capture the frame of a successfully passed levelComputer game, an interesting video or just a desktop and share it with a friend is not difficult. It is enough to know how to make a screenshot of the laptop screen.

This will literally take 2-3 clicks.



Pay attention to the upper block of buttons on theKeyboard. This is where the key is located, which allows you to take a screenshot of the laptop screen. It is called the "Print Screen" or abbreviated "PrScr" and usually follows immediately the F12 function key.


Click the "Print Screen" button at the right time. The finished screenshot will be copied to the computer's clipboard - a special internal memory area for temporary copying of information. In order not to accidentally erase the captured screenshot, temporarily refrain from copying various data.


Open the standard Microsoft Windows applicationFor editing images called MS Paint. You can find it in the list of standard programs in the "Start" menu. On the top panel, select the "Edit" tab and the "Paste" item in it. You can also use the keyboard shortcut "CTRL + V". As a result, the screenshot of the laptop screen you made will appear in the program as an image. Edit it as necessary: ​​increase or decrease in size, cut out excess borders or parts, change the color palette, add your notes, etc.


Save the screenshot by selecting on the "File" tab"Save as ..." function or by pressing the "CTRL + S" combination. Specify the appropriate image format and name it, then select the folder where it will be placed, and click "Save". Similarly, you can take a screenshot on your laptop an unlimited number of times.

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