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How to take protein

How to take protein

Sooner or later, before the majority of the athletes there is a question: whether or not to take protein. This protein has a number of pros and cons.

How to take protein powders?

How much do you need?

An athlete requires at least 2 gramsof protein per kilogram of body weight each day. For better results sometimes protein dosage can be increased, but there is a limit of protein digestion.
One glass of protein drink may contain40 grams of protein. A lot or a little? For an athlete weighing 80 kg necessary daily protein intake of 160 grams. Thus, one glass protein mixture can meet the daily requirement quarter. But protein - it is not the only protein that is consumed. Protein blend promote rapid muscle gain, but can not completely replace the natural food: soups, meat and dairy foods.

Time of receipt

A good idea might be receiving proteinthe mixture immediately after training. Sufficient muscle underwent a break and requires restoration. To create new muscle cells and "patching" torn protein required. Protein Blend drunk at this point, can adjust the body to muscle growth.
It is also the best time of the reception dinner is a mixture of(Preferably 2-3 hours before bedtime). If you drink a protein shake just before bedtime, it will be an additional burden on the digestive system. Timely dinner protein can increase muscle mass without unnecessary problems for your body.

Useful additives

Assimilation of protein mixtures much bodythe most important of their reception. What good drinking five servings of protein shakes, if absorbed by only one, and the remaining slag deposited in your digestive system. Assimilation of protein (and the rest of the protein) can be increased by improving the metabolism and health in all its entirety.
Metabolism (acceleration of metabolism) canbe enhanced by adding your drinks green tea extract preparations based on caffeine and chitosan. But beware: Most Metaboliki due to strong actions on the pressure, heart rate and brain function are contraindications. Therefore, before their use is advisable to consult with your doctor.
In addition, the absorption of a protein positivelyIt affects the simultaneous use of vitamin complex. Optionally, to buy the most expensive drugs - quite out of the ordinary multivitamin pharmacy. On the absorption of protein and positively affect the reception of amino acids (the special milk products). Buy them can be in the shops or specialized departments of sports nutrition. If you do not want to buy amino acids in tablets, you can get the missing matter from nuts, dairy products, or quail eggs.

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