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HOW to take the credit without a down payment

How to get a loan with no down payment

There are situations where you need to buy something, such as a car or an apartment, and no money.

Then you go to the bank, but many banks require to make an initial payment. The dimensions may vary from 15% to 50%.

Is it possible to take out a loan without a down payment?



Be aware that banks today do not issue mortgages credits no down payment. This type of mortgage carries great risks for both the bank and the borrower. The initial contribution ranges from 10% to 90% of the cost of purchased your property, depending on the proposed bank mortgage programs. The source for the down payment can be your own savings, collateral available or acquired property, credit other purpose (any consumer creditTaken in the bank). On the state is trying to stimulate the mortgage today creditsc. Offered rate from 10% down payment. This will undoubtedly increase the demand. But be aware that this kind of mortgage includes some mandatory additional insurance. This is reflected in the final rate on the credity, increasing it a few percent.


Try to draw the consumer credit in another bank and use it as an initial fee for a mortgage. Be aware that the rates on consumer credits higher than mortgage rates credity. Therefore, calculate their financial capabilities. But keep in mind that the larger the initial payment, the lower the rate on the mortgage. As a result, you can save. It only solves all your income level, which will determine the possibility or impossibility of payment of two parallel credits within a few years.


When purchasing a car, you can easily draw credit no down payment. Be aware that rates on such credits are generally higher. Not all banks issue credits without a down payment, so in advance to find out which banks or car showrooms offer this range of services. In some cases more profitable to issue a consumer creditThan carscredit no down payment. Indeed, in the case of carscreditand no down payment you will have to lay the purchased vehicle and to issue annual CASCO for the entire period of the credita.

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