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How to take out a loan without a down payment


How to take out a loan without a down payment</a>

There are situations when you need to buy something, such as a car or an apartment, but there is no money.

Then you go to the bank, but many banks require an initial deposit. Dimensions can vary from 15% to 50%.

Is it possible to take a loan without a down payment?



Be aware that banks do not currently issue mortgage loans creditS without down payment. This type of mortgage carries great risks both for the bank and for the borrower. The amount of down payment can be from 10% to 90% of the value of the housing you buy and depends on the mortgage program offered by the bank. The source for the initial payment can be your own savings, pledge of the property you have or purchased, credit For other special-purpose purposes (any consumer credit, Taken in the bank). For today, the state is trying to stimulate the mortgage creditTraining. Rates from 10% of the initial payment are offered. This, of course, will increase demand. But be aware that this type of mortgage provides for certain mandatory additional types of insurance. This is reflected in the final creditY, increasing it by several percent.


Try to formalize the consumer credit In another bank and use it as an initial contribution for mortgage registration. Be aware that the rates for consumer creditHigher than the mortgage rate creditY. Therefore, calculate your financial capabilities. But keep in mind that the larger the down payment, the lower the mortgage rate. And as a result, you can save. Here everything is decided only by your income level, which will determine the possibility or impossibility of paying out in parallel two creditS for several years.


When you purchase a car you can easily arrange credit Without a down payment. Be aware that the rates for such creditAm, as a rule, higher. Not all banks issue creditS without a down payment, so know in advance which banks or car lounges provide this line of services. In some cases it is more profitable to formalize the consumer credit, Than autocredit Without a down payment. After all, if you get an autocreditAnd without an initial installment you will have to mortgage the purchased car and issue an annual CASCO for the entire payment period credita.

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