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How to take a favorable decision in hiring?

How to take a favorable decision in hiring?

Sometimes it is difficult to make a decision.

Rather, emotions prevent done even a choice. How to make a decision calmly and reasonably?

Especially, if there are read the same job offers from employers.

And they sound very tempting.

You will need

  • A pair of plain white sheets of paper.
  • Handle (can be different)



Formulate your task in one sentence. Write this sentence at the top of the sheet.
For example:
"Offering a job in the company A and company B. Work in a company for me to be more profitable, enjoyable, etc." or simply "Company A" and on another sheet "Company B"


If you've been on a job interview, then before you write, try to remember all the details.
Where is the office (convenient / not convenient to get to it)
As it looks, (comfortable cozy office or a public Open Space)
What you impressed by ordinary employees. (Persons, rather satisfied or not)
and anything else that decide important.


For each organization, select a piece of paper.
Divide the list into 3 column.
At the top of each column write:
1. The name of the parameter.
2. Pros
3. Cons


In the first column, write down all the parameters associated with this task.
In our case, in the first column we write in a column:
Working conditions
Social package
Prospects of development (at this point it is important to look at the reality and not dream)
It is best to write them in order of priority within. First - what is most important to you. The latter - which is not very important or on what you can give up at all.


Then, in the second column next to each mark parameters pluses and minuses in the third column.
For example take the option Salary:
Plus - if the salary of this size, which I had planned to receive or more.
Minus - if the salary is much smaller or have fines that it is reduced.


On another sheet, do the same things, but for a different job.
Then compare both sheets, you will be able to evaluate proposals sober.
The winner is the one company which has more pluses on essential parameters for you.

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