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How to make a profitable decision when hiring?


How to make a profitable decision when hiring?</a>

Sometimes it is difficult to make a decision.

More correctly, emotions prevent to make any choice at all. How to make a decision calmly and judiciously?

Moreover, if there are similar offers of vacancies from employers.

And they sound very tempting.

You will need

  • A pair of ordinary white sheets of paper.
  • Pen (can be different)



Formulate your task in one sentence. Write this sentence at the top of the sheet.
For example:
"They offer jobs in company A and in organization B. Work in which company for me will be more profitable, pleasant, etc." or simply "Company A" and on another sheet of "Company B"


If you were already at an interview, then before writing, try to remember all the details.
Where the office is located, (convenient / not convenient to get to it)
How it looks, (a comfortable cozy office or an open spare room)
What impressed you ordinary employees. (Persons, rather contented or not)
And anything else that you decide is important.


For each organization, select a sheet of paper.
We divide the sheet into 3 columns.
At the top of each column write:
1. The name of the parameter.
2. Pros
3. Cons


In the first column, we write out all the parameters associated with this task.
In our case, in the first column we write in the column:
Working conditions
Social package
Prospects for development (at this point it is important to look at reality, not fantasize)
It is better to write them in order within the priority. The first is what is most important for you. The last thing is that it is not very important or what you can refuse at all.


Then, in the second column, opposite each parameter, note the pluses, and in the third column, minuses.
For example, we take the salary parameter:
Plus - if the salary is the size that I planned to receive or more.
Minus - if the salary is significantly less or there are penalties that reduce it.


On another sheet, do all the same, but for another job.
Then, comparing both sheets, you can soberly evaluate the proposal.
The winner is the company whose pros have more for your essential parameters.

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