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HOW to take the car leasing

How to take a car on lease

Car leasing - not just its purchase in installments.

Quite often it happens that the client only need a car for a year or three, and then he has the right to meet all the conditions to return it to the lessor.

You will need

  • - Application to the leasing kompaniyu-
  • - Financial documents confirming the customer's solvency.



Deciding to take a car on lease in the first placethe client must select the model name above to determine the purpose of acquisition of the machine and its operating conditions, the seller agree a price, technical and service conditions.


After that, he may apply to the specializedthe company apply for acquisition of car leasing. In such an application shall include the brand of car, its cost, the size of the initial payment to the lessee, and the lease term. Typically, the maximum lease term is three years.


After leasing company receivedrequest, it expects future monthly payments and tenant agree upon all terms with the future lessee. The amount of monthly payments, the sum of the price of the car, interest on loans and the amount of the leasing company's revenue from this operation.


Among other things, the lessee is obliged tosubmit documents to the company, its financial statements. On the basis of these documents provide a thorough check of solvency assessment of the future lessee.


And only after that the leasing company canapply to the bank for loan processing. If the bank received and approved such an application, the leasing company can begin signing a financial leasing contract with the lessee. Under the agreement of the majority of leasing companies, the recipient of the vehicle must necessarily insure it, and precisely in the insurance, which is specified in the agreement with the lessor.


Becoming the owner of the car, even for a time, the clientmay use the machine only in strict accordance with the terms of the contract. That is not to operate a passenger car for transportation of goods, not to transfer the car to third parties, not to hand over the car in the sublease.

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