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Tai Chi: Charging for the mind

Tai chi: Charging for the mind

Tai Chi - Chinese improving gymnastics, which is becoming more and more popular every year.

Despite the fact that at its core lies the military equipment, tai chi aims to calm exercise, relaxation and flexibility.

It helps to make contact with the body, to manage your energy, enhance mental and physical health.

History of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai chi chuan - this is the full name of theArt. Technology originated in China many centuries ago. Initially, so it called martial art, which used internal resources of the person. According to legend, he was the founder of the Taoist monk, who watched the fight a snake and a crane. It went smooth and at the same time, precise movements characteristic of tai chi.

Until the XX century the art of tai chi ownership was transferred only within the family.

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Tai Chi - Way of Harmony

Today, tai chi technique has changed andIt began to resemble a harmonious blend of art martial arts and gymnastics. Its purpose - to achieve harmony in everything: movement, expression of feelings, communication and, of course, physical health. Tai chi is primarily teaches reach equilibrium. First - in the physical plane, when the student learns to coordinate all his movements and thus to breathe correctly. And then - in the shower, because physical balance helps to achieve inner harmony.

No wonder the symbol of tai chi are the traditional yin and yang.

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Tai chi is based on softness, which,as the Chinese say, is able to generate brute force if necessary. Fortress muscles is achieved by proper load balancing, relaxation and stress relief.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai chi helps to clean up the nervoussystem, so it is recommended for those who suffer from depression or are under stress. Special exercises make the body more flexible and strong, help to strengthen the joints, helping to prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures. Technology has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, promotes the normalization of blood pressure and strengthens the immune system effectively. In addition, the tai chi helps to significantly reduce the rehabilitation period after various injuries and illnesses.

Contraindications to practice tai chi almostno, because this Chinese gymnastics avoiding surge. Despite the seeming ease characteristic of tai chi movements, it makes us work all the muscles properly distribute the load on them. That is why the body after training becomes more fit and strong. A flowing dance movements help to lose up to 300 calories per session. And at the same time should not be confused with Tai Chi fitness, because the Chinese gymnastics is aimed at improving and harmony, rather than weight loss.

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