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Taekwondo is a sport for the soul</a>

Classes on Korean martial arts taekwondo system will heal the body, teach to defend, strengthen the spirit.

The main feature of taekwondo is that the emphasis is on using the feet.

Features of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is not just a sport, it is a complex set of physical and spiritual practices that allows, with due diligence, to significantly improve a person's capabilities and his state of mind.

The effectiveness of Taekwondo is not onlySports arenas, but also in scientific institutions, where physical parameters of people actively engaged in this kind of martial art were explored. Numerous scientific observations have shown that taekwondo does have a general health and curative effect on the body, normalizes and regulates all the functions of the body.

Taekwondo is an art, not just a skillfight. A person engaged in taekwondo becomes purposeful, humane, fair and honest, attains a high level of self-discipline, which helps him not only in his studies, but also in his ordinary life.

The system of taekwondo is very effective, even a person,Initially weak physically, very soon comprehends simple methods of self-defense and can stand up for himself in a fight with a stronger but unprepared rival. That is why it is recommended for women to practice taekwondo. Stories about how even novice athletes deal with obsessive fans is not a myth - a girl who mastered the basic techniques of taekwondo, confronts even a large man.

To distinguish a beginner from a master is possible by the color of the belt, and in taekwondo, the belts are awarded not for winning, but for the intensity of training.

Only systematic studies will achieveSuccess in this sport. The masters of taekwondo perform all their movements automatically, this can be achieved by anyone who will spend in the gym a sufficient amount of time. Exercises taekwondo consist in repeated repetition of certain movements, students are necessarily engaged in stretching.

Taekwondo teaches not only to put their ownStrong blows, but also use the strength of the enemy's movement to defeat him. Even a weak but correct blow, redirecting enemy movements in the right direction, is capable of knocking him down. Not for nothing in ancient times the main purpose of combat techniques was to knock the rider out of the saddle with his foot in a jump.

History of Taekwondo

Modern Taekwondo appeared only in the middle20th century, when this kind of martial arts was unified using other Korean types of self-defense. In the first half of the 20th century, Korea was for a long time occupied by the Japanese, which completely banned all Korean martial arts, but the masters managed to keep and keep the traditions secretly to the descendants.

In 1980, Taekwondo was recognized as an Olympic sport.

After the taekwondo was unified, it began to gain international fame, more people in many countries began to engage in this kind of martial arts.

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