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SYMPTOMS of increase and decrease of pressure


Symptoms of increasing and decreasing pressure</a>

Most people at least once in their livesFaced with a malaise, which is directly related to the increase or decrease in blood pressure. If such differences are not systematic, then a person may not be able to determine independently what is wrong with him.

Is it possible to understand the increased or decreased pressure in a person if there is no tonometer at hand?

Sharp jumps of blood pressure - this is farNot an innocuous thing. They not only make a person feel disgusting, but they can lead to a number of complications. If a person suddenly feels unwell, will it be possible to determine before the arrival of an ambulance without a blood pressure monitor what pressure it has? Knowing the signs of high and low blood pressure, you can provide first aid to a person even before the doctor examines it.

Symptoms of increased pressure

Increased pressure as a chronic diseaseCalled hypertension and in mild to moderate degree can not manifest at all. However, a sharp increase in pressure by a person is felt quite brightly. The main signs of an increase are a pressing headache, which seems to squeeze the forehead and the back of the head with an iron hoop. In the ears there is a ripple and an increasing rumble. The movement of a person whose pressure is increased is inaccurate and uncertain. If he has problems with the heart muscle, then there may be a pulling pain behind the sternum.
If the increase in pressure arises periodically,Then the blood vessels are excessively loaded, which in turn negatively affects the work of the organs to which they bleed. Most often in the patient with hypertension, the person has a retina of the eyes, kidneys and brain. The heart muscle grows under conditions of increased stress, which is the reason for saturation with oxygen only of the superficial layers of the heart. At the same time, internal layers are experiencing a deficit. This can lead to rapid wear of the heart and premature death of a person. Prevent this will allow careful follow-up of the doctor's recommendations.

Symptoms of Pressure Decrease

Hypotension as a permanent conditionCharacterized by lethargy, weakness, drowsiness of the person, sometimes - a pre-stupor condition and aching headache. Hypotonics, like no other, suffers from sharp weather changes due to its meteosensitivity. Such a person quickly gets tired, and his performance is reduced. If the pressure decreases sharply, it becomes dark in the eyes, nausea appears, and a sticky cold sweat appears on the skin. A person can even lose consciousness.
Lowered pressure, in contrast to increased,Hardly leads to serious consequences for the human body. However, the constant hypotension significantly reduces the quality of human life. Getting rid of bad habits, adherence to the regime of the day, feasible exercise and eating useful foods will lead the body to tone and feel much more cheerful.

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