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SYMPTOMS increase and decrease the pressure

Symptoms of increase and decrease of pressure

Most people at least once in a lifetimefaced with the sickness that is directly related to the increase or decrease in blood pressure. If such differences are not systematic, that person may not be able to determine on their own what is wrong with him.

Is it possible to understand, high or low blood pressure in humans, if not at hand tonometer?

Sudden jumps in blood pressure - it is farnot a harmless thing. They not only make people feel disgusting, but can lead to a number of complications. If a person suddenly became ill, if I can before the arrival of the ambulance to determine what his pressure without tonometer? Knowing the symptoms of high and low pressure, it is possible to provide first aid to a person before as a doctor of his inspection.

pressurization Symptoms

Hypertension as a chronic diseasecalled hypertension and mild to moderate in general can not express themselves. However, the sharp increase in pressure one feels quite strongly. The main symptoms increase - a pressing headache that seemed clenches his forehead and neck human iron hoop. In the ears there is a pulsation and increasing roar. Movement man whose pressure is raised, imprecise and uncertain. If he has problems with the heart muscle, you may receive the nagging pain behind the breastbone.
If the increase in pressure occurs periodically,the blood vessels are excessively loaded, which in turn adversely affects the organs to which they draw blood. Most often, a patient man with hypertension suffer retina, kidneys and brain. The heart is a muscle in conditions of high load is growing, which is the reason for the oxygen saturation of only the surface layers of the heart. Inside the layers is experiencing its deficit. This can lead to rapid heart wear and premature death of the person. Preventing this will allow careful observance of the doctor's recommendations.

Decompression Symptoms

Hypotension as a permanent stateIt characterized by lethargy, weakness, human drowsiness, and sometimes - headedness and dull headache. Gipotonik like no one else suffers from sudden changes of weather, because of their meteosensitivity. Such a person gets tired quickly, and its efficiency is reduced. If the pressure drops sharply, then his dark eyes, nausea, clammy cold sweat appears on the skin. A person may even lose consciousness.
Low blood pressure, in contrast to high,hardly lead to serious for the human body effects. However, the constant hypotension significantly reduces quality of life. Getting rid of bad habits, adherence of the day, feasible exercise and eating healthy foods will bring the organism in tone and feel much more energetic.

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