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SYMPTOMS OF Diabetes: If you are thirsty


Symptoms of diabetes: if you are thirsty</a>

Diabetes is a serious disease that changes the habitual way of life of a person once and for all.

The sooner you find him and consult a doctor, the easier it will be for you to live a full life.

Therefore, it is worth knowing the symptoms of diabetes.

Strong thirst

Strong thirst and frequent urge to urinate -This is a classic symptom of diabetes. Such symptoms are explained by the fact that in the blood of a patient the concentration of sugar increases. The kidneys need to absorb excess sugar, so they begin to work hard, removing it with urine. As a result, a person is constantly tormented by thirst, which he tries to quench, which leads to more frequent urination.

Weight loss

With diabetes, a sharp weight loss occurs. Because of frequent urination, the body extracts much needed liquid from the body, and glucose does not get in the place of its destination - in the cells. As a result, a person constantly experiences a feeling of hunger, but at the same time losing weight.

Sharp weight loss is most typical for people suffering from type 1 diabetes.

Chronic fatigue

Regardless of whether the patient was working orResting, how much he slept and what he ate, most diabetics constantly feel tired. There are several reasons for this symptom. First, in the diabetic due to his illness, immunity is weakened. Also, the body suffers from dehydration, which adversely affects the overall well-being. And tissues and organs lack the basic nutrient for them - glucose, without which normal work is impossible.

Visual impairment

Because of the high sugar content in the bloodThe body spends a lot of fluid on removing it from other tissues and organs. Such a fate befalls and the lens of the eye. Because of this, it becomes difficult for the patient to focus on a particular subject.

If diabetes is not treated, then it can turn into a complete loss of vision for you.

Slow regeneration

High blood sugar preventsHabitual recovery of the body. As a result, ordinary scratches, cuts and abrasions in a diabetic will heal much more slowly than a healthy person. The same goes for inflammation and various infections. Even a common cold in a person with diabetes will go much harder than in a healthy person.

Women with diabetics often have urinary tract infections.

Tingling in the feet and hands

High blood sugar and lack ofLiquids can lead to nerve damage. A person can feel tingling or burning pain in the hands and feet. Also, often the diabetics lower the sensitivity of the limbs.

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