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SYMPTOMS and complications of concussion


Symptoms and complications of concussion</a>

Everyone knows the expression "brain concussion", but not everyone imagines what it is, what processes occur during a concussion, and how dangerous it is.

As a result, it often starts all on its own, but this can lead to serious consequences.

Concussion and its symptoms

Concussion of the brain - craniocerebralTrauma, in which there is a violation of the brain. This is due to damage to tissues and blood vessels, as a result, a serious swelling, a hematoma, can occur. Concussion can be the result of a small bruise of the head, sudden movements. Such a trauma is not necessarily preceded by a bruise, a concussion can occur as a result of a fall, in which the head was not even touched.
To recognize a concussion and provideTimely help, it is necessary to know and be able to distinguish between symptoms, which, depending on the severity of the injury and the age category, all may be present, or manifest in part if the concussion is easy.
Common symptoms:
- nervous excitation or inhibition (stupor) -The person weakly displays emotions or vice versa, is in an excited state (loudly speaks, screams, laughs), gets confused in thoughts, can not remember what happened to him-
- loss of consciousness - the most important symptom-
- a headache - this sign can talk about various ailments, but from the attention it can still not be missed-
- nausea and vomiting (in children there is frequent regurgitation) -
- cramps - involuntary contraction of the muscles (also one of the main symptoms) -
- noise in ears-
- anxiety of sleep - insomnia, frequent causeless awakenings.

After injury, you should immediately consult a doctor. It is advisable to leave the victim in a lying position, apply cold to the place of the injury. If there is an open wound, then it must be treated with any disinfectant.

Consequences of shock

The consequences of a concussion can be different, likeAnd in other cases of craniocerebral injuries, these consequences depend on the degree of severity. If you do not pay attention to them, then soon complications occur:
- frequent headaches, migrating into a migraine headache,
- emotional malfunctions - depression, aggression, increased irritability, subsequently there can be serious mental illnesses-
- memory impairment and decreased concentration of attention - as well as in the previous case lead to nervous disorders,
- Epilepsy - a serious consequence, can lead to injuries if you fall in the event of an onset of an attack-
- meningitis - inflammation of the brain-
- encephalopathy - increased muscle tone, loss in coordination of movements.

If the victim has had consequences after a traumatic brain injury, an urgent call to a neurologist is necessary.

Do not in any case resort to independentTreatment with folk remedies, with the help of so-called healers. The patient needs to be provided with qualified help in order to avoid consequences and complications.

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