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Symptoms and complications of concussion

Symptoms and complications of concussion

We all know the expression "concussion", but not everyone is, what it is, what processes occur when it is shaken, and how it is dangerous.

As a result, often let things take their course, and in fact it can lead to serious consequences.

Concussion and its symptoms

Concussion - cranialinjury, in which the disturbance of the brain occurs. This is due to tissue damage and blood vessels, as a result can be quite serious swelling, hematoma. Concussion may be the result of a small head injury, sudden movements. Such trauma is not necessarily preceded by injury, a concussion can occur as a result of the fall in which the head was not even wounded.
To recognize a concussion and providetimely assistance, you must know and be able to distinguish between symptoms that depending on the severity of the injury and the age category may attend all or part of manifest if a slight concussion.
Common symptoms:
- Nervous excitation or inhibition (stupor) -people poorly emotes, or vice versa, is in an excited state (speaks loudly, shouting, laughing), entangled in his thoughts, can not remember what proizoshlo- him
- Loss of consciousness - the most important simptom-
- Headache - this feature can speak about various ailments, but his attention is still overlooked nelzya-
- Nausea and vomiting (in children observed frequent regurgitation) -
- Seizures - involuntary contraction of the muscles (they are also one of the main symptoms) -
- noise in ears-
- Sleep anxiety - insomnia, frequent awakening unreasonable.

After an injury you need to seek medical advice immediately. It is advisable to leave the victim in a supine position, the place of the injury to make cold. If there is an open wound, it is necessary to process any disinfectant.

Effects of concussion

Effects of concussion may be different asand in other cases of traumatic brain injury, the consequences depend on the severity. If you do not pay attention to them, you will soon complications arise:
- Frequent headaches, passing in migren-
- Emotional disruptions - depression, aggression, irritability, may subsequently have serious mental zabolevaniya-
- Impaired memory and poor concentration - as well as in the previous case, lead to a nervous rasstroystvam-
- Epilepsy - serious consequence, it can cause injury if dropped in the event of pristupa-
- Meningitis - inflammation mozga-
- Encephalopathy - increased muscle tone, loss of motor coordination.

If the victim appeared after the effects of a traumatic brain injury, you need an urgent appeal to the neurologist.

In no case do not resort to selfTreatment of folk remedies, with the help of so-called healers. The patient must be to provide expert assistance in order to avoid the consequences and complications.

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