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How to switch audio tracks

How to switch audio tracks

To switch from one track to another, for example, with the original dubbing voice acting, in most cases, only a couple of mouse clicks.

However, a lot of video players, and sometimes there is not clear exactly where to press.



In Media Player Classic, click the menu item Play- & Gt- Audio and select the desired track from the menu. The second way - right-click on the image and from the menu select Audio, as then the desired track.


The KMPlayer to change sound tracks There are two ways. The first - right-click on the image and playback video in the menu that appears, click the "Audio" - GT- & "Selecting the flow." Next, select one of the existing tracks. Second - press hotkeys Ctrl + X. Of all the video players Kmplayer described in this article proved to be a best.


In Windows Media Player, click the menu item "Play» - & gt- «Sound and duplicate tracks"And then select the desired track. It is not recommended to watch movies in the player, in some cases, it just is not able to detect the presence of the audio tracks.


The VLC player, click the menu item "Audio» - & gt-"Audio track" and of the proposed tracks click the. If you right click on the image, the pop-up menu you can also find the same items: "Audio» - & gt- «Audio Track", through which you can change the sound track.


In Winamp click image playable movie, right-click and from the menu select "Audio Track, then the desired track.


The player Light Alloy click Rightclick at the point of the program, which does not affect the viewing area, and from the menu select "Sound» - & gt- «Switch audio track". Another option - you can use the shortcut key "/".


In jetAudio can proceed in two differentways. The first - right-click on the playback video file and opens, click on the Audio menu, and then select the desired audio track. Second - click shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + L or Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L.

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