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How to switch audio tracks


How to switch audio tracks</a>

To switch from one sound track to another, for example, from dubbing to the original voice acting, in most cases, just a couple of mouse clicks.

However, there are many video players and sometimes it's not clear where you want to press.



In Media Player Classic, click the Play menu item- & gt- Audio and select the desired track from the menu that opens. The second way is right-click on the image and select Audio from the menu that opens, and then select the desired track.


In KMPlayer to change the sound Tracks There are two ways. First - right click on the image of the video being played and in the appeared menu click on "Audio" - & gt- "Stream selection". Then select one of the existing tracks. Second - press the hot keys Ctrl + X. Of all the video players described in this article, Kmplayer proved to be the best.


In Windows Media Player, click the menu item "Playback" - & gt- "Sound and Duplicate Tracks", And then select the desired track. It is highly recommended not to watch movies in this player, in some cases it simply can not detect the presence of audio tracks.


In the VLC player, click the menu item "Audio" - & gt-"Audio track" and from the proposed tracks, click on the desired one. If you right-click on the image, you can also find the same items in the menu that appears: "Audio" - & gt- "Audio track", due to which you can change the sound track.


In Winamp, right-click the image of the movie to be played and select "Audio track, and then the desired track, in the menu that opens.


In the Light Alloy player, right-clickClick the mouse in the place of the program that does not affect the viewing area, and in the opened menu select "Sound" - & gt- "Switch sound track". Another option is to use the hotkey "/".


In jetAudio you can do two differentWays. First - right click on the video file being played and click Audio in the opened menu, and then select the desired audio track. Second - press the hot keys Ctrl + Shift + L or Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L.

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