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Swelling and bruising under the eyes

Swelling and bruising under the eyes

Many people often attends such a nuisance, as bags and dark circles under the eyes.

It is impossible to look beautiful and attractive, if you experience swelling of the eyelids and appeared unhealthy "cyanosis" under the eyes.

Most often, the bags under the eyes and bruises are caused by a sleepless night because of the tears, the lack of water in the body, or excessive use of salt.



Try not to eat at night salty, spicyfood as salt water retention in the body. The cause of edema may be the use of large amounts of fluid before going to bed, so if you are thirsty, try to confine ourselves to a couple of sips of water. Alcohol and coffee also contribute to water retention.


During the day, try to drink about two liters of water, as inadequate intake of water can also cause edema. Especially helpful to drink raw or melted water on an empty stomach.


To look in the morning fresh and rested, it is advisable to go to bed before 11 pm and sleep at least 8 hours.


It is not recommended to apply nourishing cream for the face right before bedtime. If the cream contains a film-forming component, the application of the cream before bedtime can cause puffiness under the eyes.


Bad habits are also the cause of bags andbruises under his eyes. When smoking and alcohol use, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, promotes the swelling of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, if you want to look fresh and appealing - give up bad habits.

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