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SWANS of the tires: how to make

Swans of the tires: how to make

Old tires - a wonderful material for making crafts for the garden decoration or playground.

Craftsmen do have a variety of shapes: parrots, giraffes, elephants, swans and more.

You will need

  • - Old pokryshka-
  • - knife-
  • - elektrolobzik-
  • - a piece of chalk-
  • - provoloka-
  • - Metal prut-
  • - kusachki-
  • - ploskogubtsy-
  • - White and red kraska-
  • - The brush.



For the manufacture of a swan need an old, worn-outtire, preferably without metal cord. Work is much easier with such material, in addition, when cutting tires with metal cord is easily hurt.


Casings thoroughly wash and dry. Make the layout of the future swan. Divide the tire conventionally into 3 parts. The last - it's the details of the wings, in the middle - swan neck. The length of the neck from the tip of the beak to the ground should be equal to half the length of the circumference of the tire. For example, if you are making a swan from R13 tires, the length of the circumference of a tire is 180 cm, so the length of the neck - 90 cm.


Draw the beak and head, they can make a triangle cut or curly. beak length should be about 9 cm, and a head - 10 cm.


With a knife or a chisel make a hole in the tire,that through it you can insert a saw jigsaw easily. Begin to cut out on the markup on medium speed alternately on either side of the neck of a swan the future (a distance of approximately 5 cm). If you just saw out one side of the neck, the second to cut will be very difficult, because the tires will start to bend. Thus saw out the beak, head, neck and tail of the swan.


Remove the covering on the wrong side. The work is hard, so it is best to perform it together with an assistant or use the lever.


It is possible to make the shape of a swan, not twistingtire inside out. To do another 2 cut along the short sides of the tire. The middle part - it's neck. Details on each side of it - it's wings. This preform does not have to turn out, you will need to bend down the details of the wings.


From pieces of wire braces do. With a knife or drill do the 2 holes in the base of the neck of a swan every 20 cm. Secure the bracket of the wire. Put them in a metal rod and twist them over it. Arch detail, giving it the outlines of this swan neck.


All sections were carefully sand the coarsesandpaper or sander. If you do a swan out of tires with metal cord, then cuts will hang wire. Carefully cut it off grinder.


Color swan white (or black) color and his beak - in red. Put it on a permanent place. For stability in the middle of construction pour stones or set piece to another tire.

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