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SWANS FROM TIRES: how to make


Swans made of tires: how to make</a>

Old tires are a wonderful material for making crafts for decorating a garden or a playground.

They make them the most diverse figures: parrots, giraffes, elephants, swans and much more.

You will need

  • - old tire-
  • - knife-
  • - electric jigsaw-
  • - a piece of chalk-
  • - wire-
  • - metal rod-
  • - cutting pliers-
  • - pliers-
  • - white and red paint-
  • - Brush.



To make a swan, you need an old, worn outA tire, preferably without a metal cord. Work with such material is much easier, in addition, when cutting tires with a metal cord can easily be injured.


Wash the tire thoroughly and dry it. Make a marking of the future swan. Divide the tire conditionally into 3 parts. Extreme - this is the details of the wings, in the middle - the neck of the swan. The length of the neck from the tip of the beak to the base should be equal to half the length of the circumference of the tire. For example, if you make a swan out of the R13 tire, then the circumference of such a tire is 180 cm, hence the length of the neck is 90 cm.


Draw a beak and a head, they can be made a triangle or cut out figuratively. The length of the beak should be about 9 cm, and the head - 10 cm.


With a knife or chisel, make a hole in the tire,So that you can easily insert a jigsaw file through it. Begin to cut through the markings on the middle turns alternately from one and the other side of the neck of the future swan (a distance of approximately 5 cm). If you immediately cut one side of the neck, the second cut will be very difficult, because the rubber will begin to bend. Thus, you will cut out the beak, head, neck and tail of the swan.


Turn the tire over to the wrong side. Work is hard, so it's best to carry it along with an assistant or use a lever.


You can make a figure of a swan, without turning outTire on the wrong side. To do this, make 2 more cuts along the end faces of the tire. The middle part is the neck. Details on each side of it are wings. This workpiece does not need to be turned, you need to bend the details of the wings down.


From the pieces of wire, make the brackets. Use a knife or a drill to drill 2 holes at the base of the swan neck every 20 cm. Fasten the braces of the wire. Insert a metal rod into them and twist them over it. Bend the part, giving it the shape of a real swan neck.


Scratch all the coarsely grainedSandpaper or a grinder. If you make a swan from a tire with a metal cord, then the wire will stick out on the slices. Carefully cut it with a bulgarian.


Paint the swan in white (or black) color, and its beak - in red. Put him in a permanent place. For stability in the middle of the structure, pour stones or set the figure in another tire.

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