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How to survive in the forest


How to survive in the forest</a>

Annually children and adults are lost in the forest.

Someone quickly finds the way, and someone has to spend in the most days a few days until it is found by rescuers.

In order to easily transfer the forced stay in the forest, it is necessary to know the rules of behavior in such situations.



Before you go to the forest, warn your familyAbout their goals and route. Always bring a knife, matches, a supply of drinking water and a watch, even if you leave for mushrooms for a couple of hours. Try to follow a familiar route, if you go to an unknown place - note the landmarks.


Beware of crossing the swampy areas. If such a need has arisen, take a solid and long stick with you.


If you are lost, you first needTo calm down. Panic is your worst enemy. Carefully look around and listen - maybe you'll see your own landmarks or hear the cries of people who have already begun your search.


If you have a cell phone and there is a connection, call your relatives and call the rescuers at 112.


If you came to the forest not alone and know that you will be searched, then you need to stay in place. You can build a bonfire and sing songs so that it's easier for you to see and hear.


If you understand that searches can be delayed,Then prepare a bed from the berger, find a trickle with water, look around in search of berries and edible mushrooms. If it's going to rain, you can build a hut, cover it with lapnik and bark.


Observing the fire safety technique,bonfire. In the rain, dry fuel can be found under fallen trees. If it becomes necessary to move away from the fire for a long time, it is better to extinguish the fire in order to avoid a forest fire.


If you could not find a trickle, then for drinking you can use rainwater collected in a hole, which must first be covered with leaves. You can also collect dew early in the morning.


Be careful when collecting mushrooms - if you are not sure that they are not poisonous, it is better not to take risks.


The most difficult thing when wandering around The forest - Do not lose control over yourself and do not panic. Of course, you will be scared and uncomfortable, but remember that you are looking for and will definitely find it!

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