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How to survive in the world of men


How to survive in the world of men</a>

Despite the fact that the number of women in ourThe planet exceeds the number of men, the issue of survival in the world, which, according to representatives of the strong half of mankind, is created for them, remains important.

Are there any algorithms for women's success and self-sufficiency?

You will need

  • The world of men.



Exaltation has become synonymous with lack of autonomy,Infantilism. This made her modern. A hundred years ago, an exalted woman was considered to be refined, emotional, extraordinarily subtle, and beautiful. Today's day dictates different rules: if you want to survive in this world, you need to be strong, self-confident, successful, able to withstand various life circumstances, subordinate them and manage them.
Someone easily adapts to this, thanks to both natural potential and upbringing. Women in power, in leadership positions, in luxury cars - all this is no longer a curiosity.
However, there are those who are not easily positioned themselves. They are afraid to say "no" when it is needed. They are anxious and fearful. Their accentuation goes off scale, and emotionality does not correspond to today's day.
What do we have to do?


If you are an exalted type, if you are scaredBefore something new, if it seems that you will not understand and condemn, if the male voice causes a shiver, try to lower those you are afraid of. This is done very easily. You need to imagine the object of your fear so that it becomes confused. For example, to present your boss in a worn-out house robe and slippery slippers, with disheveled hair, unclean teeth, and a cigarette smelling in his fingers yesterday. It's difficult at first, but it works for sure.


In order to become successful, to realize their ownInternal resources, it is important to realize your need, significance. Find in yourself something that could raise you above others and with this "something" to come out into the world. For example, you work as an accountant in a firm. In doing so, you play the violin perfectly, but nobody knows. It is very advantageous to get a tool and to improvise in front of colleagues at one of the parties. Firstly, this is a strong training for you personally. Secondly, shock to others. This works in cases where you, really, masterfully own something, and not at the level of the school curriculum.

It is important to realize your need


Sometimes the socialActivity. Some club, community, community organization, meaningful for you personally. Many very successful women began with this and achieved very good results.

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