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How to survive in a man's world

How to survive in a man's world

Despite the fact that the number of women in ourplanet exceeds the number of men, an important question remains survive in a world that, according to representatives of the strong half of humanity, created just for them.

Are there any algorithms female success and self-sufficiency?

You will need

  • World men.



The exaltation became synonymous with lack of independence,infantilism. Such it has done present. Even a hundred years ago, a woman was considered exalted subtle, emotional, extraordinarily fine sense of beauty. Day today dictates other rules: if you want to survive in this world, you must be strong, confident, successful, able to withstand a variety of life circumstances, to subordinate them and manage them.
Someone easily adapts to this, due to both natural potential and education. Women in power, decision-making positions, in luxury cars - all this is not a gimmick.
However, there are those who are not easy to position yourself. They are afraid to say "no" when necessary. They are anxious and fearful. Their accentuation going wild, and does not correspond to the emotional day today.
What do we have to do?


If you are an excitable type, if you are scaredbefore something new if it seems that you do not understand and condemn, if a man's voice is shaking, try to lower those whom you fear. This is done very easily. It is necessary to introduce the object of his fear so that he began to laugh. For example, imagine your boss in a shabby housecoat and slippers leaky, with disheveled hair from sleep, unpeeled teeth shrinkable in the fingers half-smoked cigarette yesterday. It's hard at first, but it works for sure.


In order to be successful, to realize theirinternal resources, it is important to realize the necessity, importance. Find yourself in something that could elevate you above the others, and this "something" out into the world. For example, you work as an accountant in the firm. At the same time you play the violin beautifully, but nobody knows. It is advantageous to a party to get the tool and simprovizirovat in front of colleagues. Firstly, it is a powerful training for you personally. Second, a shock to the surrounding. This works when you really skillfully speak something rather than the level of the curriculum.

It is important to recognize their necessity


Sometimes it helps to survive the publicactivity. Some club, the community, the social organization that are relevant to you personally. Many very successful women started from that and have achieved very good results.

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