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How to surprise a friend on his birthday

How to surprise a friend on his birthday</a>

If it occurred to you to surprise a friend a dayBirthday, choose him a gift or arrange a surprise, which will really bring joy. Do not get off on duty phrases and the delivery of perfume, hair dryer or another set of dishes.

It is not necessary to spend a large amount of money on a present, because the value of a gift does not depend on its value at all.

It is enough to have a desire, imagination and a little free time.



Record a congratulatory video. You can create and submit a short film. To do this, you need to collect interesting photos (children's, friends, family, pets, in general, the most diverse) and video recordings (rest, birthdays and other memorable or funny events) and mount them. It will be especially fun to watch such a video if friends are present at the birthday party. Choose funny and beautiful music, corresponding to the video. Also, you can insert congratulations from relatives and friends recorded in advance. So you do not just congratulate your friend on your birthday and cheer up the guests, but also leave a note for memory.


Make an unusual and cheerful congratulation onPaper. Unite with friends and using all your artistic abilities and imagination, prepare a gift. Congratulation can be issued in the form of a diploma, a letter of commendation, a large postcard, a scroll, a clamshell or a poster. Stick photos, write poetry, add caricatures or cartoons. You can leave a place for the wishes of those relatives and friends who did not participate in the creation of the presentation.


Surprise your friend with a really necessary gift. After all, every person has an obvious or secret hobby. Usually it is not so necessary to spend money on it from the family budget. Think about this hobby when you choose a gift. If your friend is an avid bibliophile, give him the book he looked at long ago, but he did not dare to buy it. Fisherman will be pleased to receive a good spinning gift, a traveler - some camping equipment, an extreme - a parachute jump or flying in a wind tunnel. In short, each his own is something that he passionately dreams about.


Play a friend. Gifts-drawings today are very popular. If you have long known the player being played, you will simply have to simulate a situation in which he will never suspect a dirty trick. Ask friends, acquaintances and even relatives to play along (help) you. You can capture the whole process on your camcorder. And then this congratulation will be preserved for many years. & Nbsp- If you believe that you will not manage on your own, contact the holiday agency, there you will be accurately helped.


Take note of the existence of such a service,As manufacture of confectionery products to order. You can take advantage of her and present the most delicious gift to the birthday girl - a cake with his photo or the name of your favorite team. There are a lot of options. To do this, you need to call (write to e-mail) to the selected company, formulate your desire, discuss the contents of the product, report the weight, address and date of order execution & nbsp- and leave the coordinates for communication. On the appointed day you will only have to pay (if there was no advance payment) and pick up the order.


And you can diversify the process of giving. Give the birthday gift a gift in the image of a hero from a fairy tale, cartoon or film. Play a scene associated with the presentation of the presentation. Involve friends and relatives. Your friend will undoubtedly appreciate this and will be pleasantly surprised.

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