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How to surprise a friend for his birthday

How to surprise a friend for his birthday

Birthday - this is a holiday that can be very different. If a child he always associated with fun, then growing up, people lose interest in him.

But it is always possible to prepare a surprise birthday, which will be remembered for years to come.

It is important not simply to give a friend some thing,create an atmosphere of celebration and joy. For each person will be pleasing to his surprise. To start, decide what the girl likes, what she had long dreamed of.

Unusual adventures

Today, in the form of greeting can be presentedsome adventure. Everything depends on the friend's employment and financial possibilities of the organizer. For example, you can pay a parachute jump. It is important not only to give a certificate, namely take the girl to the airport. But do not tell in advance what is happening and warn that the jogging suit is appropriate.
You can also give kayaking on the river,ascent into the mountains with an instructor, or even scuba diving. It will not take more than 2-3 days. Longer-term gifts - this trip. Even at the weekend somewhere not far away, but it will be a great surprise. It is possible to go along with a friend to all of a sudden there she was bored.
Romantic candlelight dinner on the roofhigh-rise buildings - this is also an adventure. This can be done by yourself, pick up a suitable high-rise, or ordered in the cabin holidays. It is possible to make an intimate event for a couple or invite many friends. It is important to decorate the roof arrange delicious meals and unusual congratulations.

A dream come true

it is not difficult to please person, it is only importantlearn all about the human dream. For girls, they are often not too huge. For example, a dress that was remembered, but it is to buy it and have not decided. Or ring with a beautiful pebble that has been in the new jewelry salon. These little things have in the bank many, just need to know about them in advance. And the dream version - this is not just a gift, it is a welcome and very important event.
Many girls in my childhood dream to be a princess. And costume party birthday will be appropriate and in 15 and 35 years. It is important to organize all, guests must be in costume, decorated hall, appropriately era. And the birthday girl should wait for the most beautiful dress. Of course, all this can be rented instead of buying for the sake of one evening. But it is important to organize everything and not tell in advance.

Photo and video greetings

Today, many experts suggestmake a beautiful video about the life of a friend. It uses excerpts from past records, photos or new material. A film about itself - it's a big surprise that is sure to enjoy. Pre-start to gather the necessary materials, and then just give it to the master, so he assembled all the best.
You can also make a beautiful collage of lifegirlfriends. It is better that he was placed in the original album, I included a story that each page was a continuation of the past, and it was designed in the form of a fairy tale with an excellent finish.

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