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How to surprise a girlfriend for her birthday

How to surprise a girlfriend for her birthday</a>

Birthday is a holiday that can be very different. If in childhood he was always associated with fun, then growing up, people lose interest in him.

But you can always prepare a birthday person a surprise, which will be remembered for many years.

It's important not just to give your girlfriend some thing, butCreate an atmosphere of celebration and joy. For each person, their surprises will be pleasant. To begin with, decide what exactly the girl likes, which she has long dreamed of.

Unusual adventures

Today in the form of congratulations can be presentedSome kind of adventure. Everything depends on the employment of the girlfriend and the financial possibilities of the organizer. For example, you can pay a parachute jump. It is important not only to give the certificate, but to take the girl to the airfield. But do not tell in advance about what is happening and warn that a sports suit will be appropriate.
Also it is possible to give an alloy on kayaks along the river,Climbing mountains with an instructor or even scuba diving. It will not take more than 2-3 days. Longer-term gifts are travel. Even if it's not far off for the weekend, it will be a great surprise. Thus it is possible to go together with the girlfriend that suddenly to it there it became not boring.
Romantic candle light dinner on the roofHigh-rise buildings - this is also an adventure. This can be done independently, selecting a suitable high-rise, or ordering in the cabin holidays. In doing so, you can make an intimate event for two or invite a lot of friends. It is important to decorate the roof, organize a delicious table and unusual congratulations.

A dream come true

To please a person is not at all difficult, onlyLearn all about a person's dream. For a girl, they often are not too huge. For example, a dress that was remembered, but she did not dare buy it. Or a ring with a beautiful pebble that was in the new jewelry store. Such trifles are in the piggy bank of many, you just need to know about them in advance. And the fulfillment of a dream is not just a gift, it is a welcome and very important event.
Many girls dreamed of being princesses in their childhood. And the costume ball on the birthday will be appropriate at 15 and 35 years. It is important to organize everything correctly, guests should be dressed, the hall is decorated, appropriate to the era. And the birthday girl should wait for the most beautiful dress. Of course, all this can be rented, not bought for one evening. But it's important to organize everything and not to tell in advance.

Photo and video congratulations

Today, many specialists offerMake a beautiful video about a girlfriend's life. In this case, excerpts from past records, photographs or new material are used. A film about yourself is a big surprise, which is sure to appeal. Start collecting the materials in advance, and then just give it to the master, so that it will be assembled in the best way.
Also you can make a beautiful collage of lifegirlfriends. It's better that it fit in the original album, it included a story, so that each page was a continuation of the past, and it was all decorated in the form of a fairy tale story with an excellent ending.

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