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LOADING with benefit!


Sunbathing with benefit!</a>

During exposure to the sun, the skin is exposed to UBV and UBA rays. At the same time, melanin is produced, which causes a dark shade.

In addition to a beautiful smooth tan, you can get a burn.

But the negative effect of the sun on the skin can be reduced by using special means for protection and restoration.

Half an hour before sunbathing, apply toSkin cosmetic with a filter suitable for skin type. Clothes, too, misses the rays, so distribute the cream, spray or milk throughout the body. 15 minutes before going out in the sun, drink freshly squeezed carrot juice, 150 ml is enough. This drink will help make sunburn more even and persistent. Hair is also exposed to aggressive sunlight. Use special products, such as coconut or olive oil, to protect your hair. Strengthen the effect of headgear: broad-brimmed hat or turban. If you have many birthmarks on the body, then the skin will burn strongly. Before a visit, visit a dermatologist, he will appoint suitable means that will help to avoid burns. Try on the beach under an umbrella, put on a hat. Before going outside, lubricate birthmarks with a thick layer of cream with a high SPF level. SPF - the degree of protection of the skin from the radiation of ultraviolet rays. The higher this figure, the longer you can stay in the sun without the risk of getting burns. Sunglasses must also be chosen correctly. So, on the chosen model should be specified by the manufacturer, what is the permissible percentage of penetration of rays and the degree of their blocking. An important factor is the refractive index, the larger it is, the thinner and more transparent the lens itself. Put under the glass or plastic fabric with a geometric pattern, good glasses will have a minimal distortion of the print. The frame should not crush or fall off the face, and the size of even a large model can not exceed 1/3 of your face. After sunbathing, you can take a cool shower. Then wipe the skin dry with a towel and drink warm tea. Apply to the whole body a special balm after sunbath, it will restore the skin, saturate it with moisture. From redness and burns will help penki, ointments and cream with panthenol.

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