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Summer activities with a child

Summer activities with a child

Summer - a wonderful time! Time long walks in the fresh air, fun and active games.

Along with the game on the walk you can practice and development of the child.

It will take the baby pleasure and benefit.

Mini-garden. Together with your child find a quiet place in thecourtyard, loosen and pour it. Vegetable garden stones or weave the fence of twigs. At the plant to flower and follow its growth. Polite weeds, timely watering. The child is the activity creates a positive attitude towards work, his values, he sees the results of their work. A child watches the growth process of the way from seed obtained plant studies be logical chain.

Cheerful arithmetic. Chalk paint on the pavement geometric shapes, learn through the concept of "multi-little", various shapes and colors.

  • Draw a chalk on the pavement several identical objects. Count them and then sign next to them the correct number.
  • The same vice versa. Draw a figure, and the child shall bring the corresponding number of pebbles.
  • With figures make molds of sand, for example, three machines 2 and berries. Encourage your child to determine what more.

letters. Crayon - a great way to learn letters.

  • Write large letters on the pavement, and the child let the colors in the space inside them.
  • Start to write the letter, and let the kid tries to continue.
  • You can ask the child to jump on the letters written at a certain distance from each other and to remember the words that begin with them.
  • Form words from letters. The child must find on the pavement he needed letters and jump on them.
  • Write a letter and the child let her know. Then picture the object or animal that begins with that letter.
  • Let the kid looking for his familiar letters among many others.

Bryzgalki. When still play in the streets with water, but in the summer? Make bryzgalku from the bottle (you can buy ready-made water gun) and draw water on the sand.

Pebbles and sticks. From the materials at hand, you can add geometric shapes, count the pebbles, it is difficult in a row, decorate their figurines from sand.

Find object. Prepare home cards izborazheniem flowers, insects, objects (a bicycle, shovel, bucket). Together on the street looking for something that is shown in the picture.

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