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SUMMARY: The general rules for drawing up

Introductory information about the applicant

Summary is the basic document,having familiarized with which the employer representative can get a sense of professional and personal qualities of the person applying for a certain position in the company.

You will need

  • - Labor book (original or copy) -
  • - Document on education (original or copy) -
  • - Other documents which characterize the professional or personal characteristics of the applicant.



Open any convenient office Editorand in the middle of the page print the name (best is the font Times New Roman 14 bold). Then, a little lower, changing the font size of 12 or 10, indicate the date of birth, contact phone numbers, nationality and position that you are going to take.

Introductory information about the applicant


After graduating with a list of input information about yourself, inCV is necessary to pay special attention to your education (educational institution in which it was received, the beginning and the end of the training, its shape, faculty name, and, if judged necessary, obtained specialty and specialization), and experience (company, position, duties and period of employment in each of the companies).

Data on education and work experience of the applicant


Ends resume listing availablethe applicant additional skills (knowledge) in the specialty confirmed by relevant certificates (certificates, certificates), an indication of the degree of knowledge of foreign languages, as well as the transfer of other information which the applicant deems it necessary to inform a prospective employer.

Other information about the applicant

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