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Sugar scrub for the skin

Sugar scrub

Many people dream to have a smooth silky skin.

It is not everyone knows that you can improve the condition of the skin using a scrub with sugar.



The main task of scrubs remove dead layersskin, peel it deeply. Scrubs made based on sugar rather delicate exfoliating agents. They perform their task softer others. In addition to the skin as a tonic and moisturizer.


The most common sugar scrubs mixed with essential oils, extracts of coffee, fruit acids. This pilin is used as prevention against cellulite.
Oils, coupled with sugar scrub well soften, moisturize the skin.


Using such means to 1-2 week candeal with ingrown hairs, silky body back. When applying sugar scrub on your skin in a circular motion, in the direction of blood flow can stimulate circulation.


Prepare sugar scrub is not difficult at home. Sugar, with granules of medium size, mixed with essential oils. In half a cup of sugar is enough 2-3 drops of oil.


The body of the procedure is necessary to moisten a little better to do it in the bath. Rub should be no more than 5 minutes, careful, gentle movements. Then scrub with a cotton swab is removed or washed away.


Scrub sugar smoothes the skin, gives a clean look, a healthy glow.

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