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How to sue the insurance company

How to sue the insurance company

In case of violation of rights of the insurance company and the personal interests of the client the latter has the right to file a complaint on it enforceable in court.

To document has been reviewed and taken into consideration, it is necessary to make it in accordance with legal requirements.

You will need

  • - statement of claim-
  • - Evidence on delu-
  • - Related documents.



Proceed to the registration statement of claim. In the header, specify the name of the judicial authority, to which the document will be served. Write the name, surname and patronymic of the complainant and his place of residence. If the claimant is an organization, you must specify its full name and address. Fill out the personal data of the defendant. They will be in breach of your right insurance company. Write the name and registered office.


Notify in the statement of claim all violations,committed by the organization. If you are well versed in the law, it is possible to refer to certain laws that have been violated. This will speed up the trial of the case by the court. Then specify your requirements, that the defendant has to perform, and the timing of their execution. If the document is affected by these or other financial disputes, specify the value of the claim, the amount levied or disputed funds. Put a personal signature and stamp of the organization if the claim put forward by it. Attach to the claim materials that can validate your right, for example, concluded with the insurance company contracts, checks, recorded phone conversations, etc.


Collect documents that must accompanystatement of claim. These include the receipt for the paid state duty, the plaintiff's attorney representative, a copy of the statement on the number of persons involved and the other depending on the characteristics of the dispute. Apply to the judicial authority at the location of the insurer. You can file a claim in person before a judge or his secretary to set the clock and sent to the postal address of the court. If the statement of any defects are found, it will be returned to the applicant for revision. Consideration of claims by the judge takes up to ten days or more.

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