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How to succeed in America

How to succeed in America

To succeed abroad will open its case. At first glance, to open a business, and even in America, is quite difficult.

Competent approach to the development of start-up and investment will increase the probability of successful development.



The opening of the business, especially in America,It needs careful consideration. In the west there are already established mechanism of realization of business plans, if we take into account the possibility of using the internet to develop your project will become much easier. Begin to develop a plan of development.


Locate the network sites where you can findinvestors. Most often, to accommodate their ideas using Kickstarter site. The more people enjoy the project, and they believe in its reality, the more investments will flow into your account. However, remember that in the event of bankruptcy would have to return the money in full.


The business project describe all the key moments,the idea and the demand for this range of activities. Note and calculate possible risks, imagine the future project as clearly as possible and understandable. This work will make it clear whether a viable business project at the and to improve relations with the future partners who will be interested promising direction.


Analyze similar projects. It is necessary to assess not only successful, but also those that have failed. Gather as much information as possible, examine all possible options. In drawing up its own project, consider factors of the US market.


Publish the project by registering the company or ask a friend for help, or to attract this procedure mediator.


Register your company and open an account. Get EIN (Employ ID Number). It will be enough to open an account. Then go type of visa procedure for the exchange. It is necessary to change US visa on the L1 or E2.

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