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How to connect the money transfer service

How to connect a money transfer service

Not everyone knows what to doby bank transfer, not necessarily every time to visit the bank in person. If you wish to transfer funds on a regular basis, such as once a month to one and the addressee, you can make a regular transfer service for a certain amount from your account to another.

In this case, the funds will be debited automatically.

How to activate this service?

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - The amount for the transfer and payment of bank commission is
  • - Bank details of the recipient's account.



Open a bank account - regular transferIt can be performed only when opening an account. Select the bank with the most favorable rates for you to transfer funds. If possible, open the account in the same bank where the account is the recipient of your transfer. In this case, the transfer money It takes less time and is cheaper.


If you want to make transfers in foreign currency,pre-check with your bank whether the currency periodic transfers are possible between accounts. Some banks, such as Sberbank, such services are not available - there can only be done one-time transfers in foreign currency.


Find out details of the account to which youYou want to transfer money. You need to know the full name of the bank, name of the department where the account servicing, BIC and the bank's correspondent account, as well as the account number and the name of a specific individual. If it is a foreign bank, you must also specify the SWIFT-Code. These details can get the account holder at the bank in its request. Also BIK and correspondent account of the bank should be indicated on the website of the bank and be freely available on the wards.


Come in your bank branch and complete an order for translation money. Enter the bank details of the recipient's account,the amount you want to transfer, and the regularity of the translation, for example, once a week. Check the transfer commission - it will be deducted from your account automatically.


If your bank offers online banking services, you can make a transfer of funds directly to the site of your financial institution.

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