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How to sign a program for a phone


How to sign a program for a phone</a>

Some applications for smartphones (mainly for Nokia smartphones) must be signed with a personal certificate that gives these applications the right to be installed.

The process of obtaining the certificate itself in this material is not considered.

You will need

  • - PC with preinstalled operating system Microsoft Windows-
  • - PC Suite-
  • - SisSigner



Download the archive with the program SisSigner, available for download on the Internet.


Install the SisSigner program from the archive and replace the file mykey contained in the program folder with the file with the same name in the cert folder.


Copy the file of your certificate with the .cer extension to the program folder.


Create copies of the key files to the certificate with the .key extension and the selected application in the SisSign program folder.


Run the SisSigner program with a double mouse click and enter the following values ​​in the appropriate fields:

- the full path to the file mykey.key-

- the full path to the file received when ordering MyCert.cer-

- full path to the password of the file mykey.key (default is 12345678) -

Is the full path to the application to be signed.


Click the "Sign" button to execute the command and confirm the application of the selected changes in the opened query window by pressing any key.


Shut down the SisSign program and connect your smartphone to the computer using a USB connection cable.


Open Application Manager at yourDevice and go to the "Functions" section to perform the operation of disabling certificate verification. This action will remove the factory settings to prevent the installation of new applications.


Go to the "Settings" and specify the section "Program. Is installed. ".


Select the "All" command and go to the "Certificate Verification" section.


Use the "Disabled" command to complete the operation.


Run PC Suite and install the signed personal certificate application in your smartphone.

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