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As people sign

The signing of the new people? the foundation of building a business in the field of network marketing.

Experienced networkers not only knows the rules of recruiting new candidates, he was known as exceptions to these rules.



If you are in the old and unpromising network company, you do not avoid the temptation to look for new candidates to attract their business among of peopleNot having the slightest idea about MLM. The leader with the experience will not spend time on the newcomers as interested in the rapid construction of business structure.


Why not sign a new of people? First, because pre-familiarization with unsophisticated industry in the online business newbie takes a lot of time, effort and money. The new man, who decided to become a distributor, often in need of long-term care on the part of its media sponsor. Worst of all, if you have to go after him and call to action.


Instead of having to search andeducation leaders, you have to listen to complaints about the novice poor quality of the product on a daily basis, the unfairness of the compensation plan, the fact that you are not paying enough attention to it. In addition, the newly distributor first time will not bring you any money, nothing but loss and disappointment.


After a few weeks or months of suchfrustrated newbie to fall out of the business, to become the next distributor of rumors about the harmfulness of the networking industry. However, he may remain in the MLM began to wander from company to company in search of better and faster ways to enrichment. Of course, you do not need such candidates.


Much more attractive for an experienced networkerIt is working with established leaders multilevel industry, which for one reason or another are not satisfied with the situation in their current company. These people realize the benefits of exercises according to the type of business, are able to work in it, are able to sign the most? Die Hard ?. They do not require additional external motivation, they clearly set goals in business and on track to implement them.


Such people are able to raise your business toproper level. This, mind you, not about banal luring foreign leaders at its beginning. The people you need to sign in their structure, are old enough to understand? each person is free to choose when, where and with whom to collaborate. It is not considered shameful for the highly paid football player to end the relationship with a club and go to another, offer more interesting conditions.


To construct a stable distribution networkyou need to concentrate their efforts on finding and signing only a few such leaders. If you show them the benefits of your company over the competition, including the high quality of the product and its demand, if your marketing plan is true rewards leaders for their efforts to build a business, then the rest? trick.


The only (and often insurmountable) obstacles to the implementation of the strategy described signing of people in your business is that trueleaders are able to go only to a man of the same caliber. ? Before you embark headlong into the hunt for the network giants ?, honestly answer yourself the question: What do I imagine a ??. If the answer does not satisfy you, the leaders of the signing of the strategy would be an impossible adventure.

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