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How to sign people


How to sign people</a>

Signing new people? The basis of building a business in the field of network marketing.

An experienced networker not only knows the rules of recruiting new candidates well, he also knows the exceptions to these rules.



If you are in an old and unpromising network company, then you can not avoid the temptation to look for new candidates to attract them to the business among of people, Who have no idea about MLM. A leader with experience will not waste time on newcomers, because he is interested in quickly building a business structure.


Why not sign new of people? First of all, because the preliminaryAcquaintance with the industry of an inexperienced in the network business of a beginner takes a lot of time, effort and money. A new person who decided to become a distributor, often needs long-term care from his information sponsor. Worst of all, if you have to go after him yourself and call for active action.


Instead of looking for andUpbringing leaders, you will have to listen daily to the newcomer's complaints about the poor quality of the product, the injustice of the compensation plan, the fact that you do not give it the proper attention. In addition, the newly-made distributor at first time will not bring you any profit, only losses and disappointments.


In a few weeks or months suchThe disappointed newcomer will drop out of business to become the next distributor of rumors about harmfulness of the network industry. However, he can stay in MLM, beginning to wander from the company to the company in search of a better share and ways of rapid enrichment. Of course, you do not need such candidates.


Much more tempting for an experienced networkerIs working with already established leaders of a multi-level industry, who for one reason or another do not like the state of affairs in their current company. These people are aware of all the advantages of occupying this type of business, know how to work in it, are able to sign the very "hard nut". They do not need additional external motivation, they clearly set their goals in business and are confidently moving towards their implementation.


It is these people who are able to elevate your business toThe proper height. Speech, mind you, does not go about trivial luring of other leaders under the beginning. People you should sign into your structure are already old enough to understand? Each person is free to choose when, where and with whom to cooperate. After all, it is not considered shameful for a high-paying football player to stop relations with one club and go to another club, which offered more interesting conditions.


To build a sustainable distribution networkYou need to concentrate your efforts on finding and signing just a few such leaders. If you show them the advantages of your company to competitors, including the high quality of the product and its relevance, if your marketing plan rightly rewards leaders for their efforts to build a business, then the rest? A matter of technology.


The only (and sometimes insurmountable) obstacle to the implementation of the described signing strategy of people In your business is that the originalLeaders can only go for a man of the same caliber. Before going head to head hunting for "network giants", honestly answer to yourself the question: "What am I?". If the answer does not satisfy you, the strategy of signing leaders will be an impossible adventure.

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