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How to pass a ticket for the railway


How to pass a ticket for the railway</a>

The order of delivery of a ticket for a train depends on the method of its acquisition.

Most of the gestures involve the delivery of a ticket purchased on the website of the Russian Railways with the passage of electronic registration.

Least of all - bought at the checkout.

You will need

  • - ticket on paper form-
  • - passport-
  • - a computer with Internet access, if the ticket was purchased on the website of the Russian Railways.



If you have passed the electronic registration, firstWill have to give it up. To do this, you need to login to the site, go to your personal account and in the section for your orders find the ticket that you plan to pass.
To refuse registration you can click on the appropriate button.
You can do this no later than one hour before the departure of the train.


Then print information about the order on the printer or write down its number. It will come in handy for your paper Ticket at the register. To hand over the ticket for the train RZD online with the return of money to the card is impossible - only through the cashier.


For registration of paper Ticket Contact any cashier of RZD, except for special cash-desks, military, for the disabled, group applications, etc.
To issue a ticket ordered through the Internet, you are entitled to no queue.
Inform the cashier that you have booked the ticket via the Internet, dictate or transfer the order number recorded on paper and present your passport. Then get a ticket and sign out where you will be asked.


After receiving paper Ticket The procedure for its delivery is the same as that of the purchased oneIn a grandfather's way in the cash register. You must apply to the cashier of the refund or, if there is none at the railway station or in the transagency, to any, to inform about the desire to hand over the ticket and present it to the cashier along with the passport.
You will be warned about how much money you will lose when you return: the closer to departure, the more. Then you need to sign in the papers offered by the cashier and get the money due.

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