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How to submit a report electronically


How to submit a report electronically</a>

Entrepreneurs and enterprises applyingSimplified taxation system, must submit annually information on the average number of employees, a single tax declaration in connection with the application of the simplified tax system, and certify the book of income and expenditure.

The first two documents can be submitted electronically.

The second is to be submitted for certification in paper, but you can conduct it electronically.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet.



The easiest way to take advantage of all thisService "Electronic accountant" Elba ". It has a convenient interface, and all the functions necessary for submitting tax reporting are available with a free account.
First you need to register in the system andEnter all the necessary information about yourself. Then download the site, fill it out, print it out, certify with a signature and stamp the power of attorney to hand over electronic reporting on your behalf, scan it and download it via a special form on the service website.


Log in to the system and selectActual problems submission of data on the average number of employees. With the help of the system interface, you can easily calculate this indicator in the presence of employees. If they do not exist, specify zero in the corresponding field. The system will generate the necessary document and transfer it via telecommunication channels to your tax office, which will notify you via e-mail.


On the "Incomes and expenses" tab, you can enterData on all receipts and with the appropriate type of taxation taken into account the costs. After entering the latest data for the current year, give the system the command to generate a profit and loss accounting book and save it to your computer. Then print out, sign and seal, string and take to Tax. Within 10 days you must be given a copy with an inspection visa.


Based on your income and expenditure data andThe service on your team will generate your tax return. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, on the "Reporting" tab, in the list of actual tasks, declare income, and then give the command to send the finished document via telecommunication channels to the tax. As in the case with Data on the average number of employees, you will receive confirmation of the receipt of your declaration by the fiscal body.

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