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STYLISH vases made of paper with his own hands

Stylish vases made of paper with his own hands

The term "bumagoplastika" appeared relativelyrecently, at the end of the last century and it is the art of creating bulk (relief) model of paper. The idea of ​​creation of three-dimensional sculptures made of paper much enjoyed everything - from school children to design.

This is not surprising - these designs of sculptures made of paper look ultra modern.

Enough of paper and a little patience.

You will need

  • - paper
  • - line
  • - An awl or a knitting needle
  • - glue
  • - double sided tape
  • - A vase or other container stand



On the Internet there are lots of tutorials on bumagoplastike, I propose to create a bright splendor vases of paper on your desk.


It is important to choose the paper size so that it can fully cover the container.
Take a standard sheet of A4 format. Once you make the folds, folding to do (consistent flexion). Fold the paper in the middle, and then start to bend further until, until there are equal bandwidth. Please do parallel folds, then perpendicular, and then - the diagonal. You can fold without previous marking, but better to define future lines of folds, so it will be easier to bend.


Once you have completed the folds, making scoring: drawing awl along the line, creating a deep groove. It is necessary to fold to get a clearer and better to keep the shape.
Now you need to bend the triangles on the outer upper corners and repeat along the entire surface of the paper.
This step is always the beginning somewhat difficult and time-consuming. However, when you adapt himself, it will go quickly, as if by magic.


Creases in paper played not only aesthetic, butand practical role. They create so-called stiffeners, ensuring the stability of the future creation. So try to create folds more pointed. Instead, the paper better use of colored cardboard, glossy desirable - for a better visual effect.
Now that we've got a sheet with clearKant Island, proceed to the next step - the formation of the model. Fold the paper like an accordion. Using double-sided tape to fix a glass vase or any other suitable container.


Create several of these vases, and you have a bright composition from which it is difficult to look away. According to this technology, you can create not only a vase, and other home furnishings, such as lampshades.

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