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Stylish and beautiful curls

Stylish and beautiful curls

Are you constantly struggling with curly locks? Irons, hair dryers, and tools for hair straightening are integral attributes in your purse?

Relax, this season you can breathe easy - unpretentious stylish and beautiful curls back in vogue.

Of course, this will not relieve you of the need for regular hair care, but now will not have to spend money on straightening hair products.

For the fair sex, whichnature cheated chic hair, there is one way out - biochemical perm. It argued that severely damaged hair is better not to chemistry - it's not just in front of them should restore procedure. A professional will help you choose the size and shape of the curl, the right type of your face. Remember, a large facial features large curls fit.

If a chemical effect on the hair for youIt seems unacceptable to create a stylish curls and you can own. Just remember to do them at home is difficult. So, you need to wash your hair and gently dry, cause they gel, foam or mousse to the hair. Immediately it should be noted that the gel promotes hair weighting, so it is advisable not to overdo it with the quantity.

If you style your hair with a hair dryer and a round hairbrush, it is necessary to pay attention to some nuances:

  • The thinner you are using a comb for styling, the smaller will be lokony-
  • smaller curls will stay much longer than large lokony-
  • hair should try to cheat, starting from the tips. Too long hair is better to wind in the direction of the person.

Knowing these rules, you can get beautiful curls, which will please long time.

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