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STYLE Scandinavia in the interior

Scandinavian style in the interior

Scandinavian style is very discreet and clean, fresh and cool, the air in the Nordic countries.



The abundance of light and air distinguishes Scandinavianinteriors, this is achieved by the minimum amount of furniture, bright colors. The windows are made as large as possible for the passage of a large amount of light, and they are not decorated or just hang lightweight curtains.


The colors used to create interior light: white, beige, gray, light green or blue. You can add bright accents, but very discreet, this suit red or yellow.


The ceiling in the Scandinavian style nodecorated, it is left neutral white. Sometimes sheathe ceiling boards, which are also painted white. The walls to match the ceiling or sheathed with wood or painted, in addition, can be applied plaster and wallpaper with discreet pattern. It is not necessary to perform only monochrome interior. You can make accents, such as a bright wall, the main thing - do not overdo it and keep the minimalism.


The floors are made of light wood, without any embellishment. On the floor you can lay carpet, and restrained, like the rest of the interior.


The furniture in the Nordic style of simple shapes,made of light wood or wicker, without decoration. A lot of furniture not taken place in the Scandinavian interior, but functionally it is used to the maximum. Built-in drawers, furniture-transformer, all this helps to fit a lot of things, saving maximum space. It is appropriate in a modern Scandinavian style looks plastic and glass furniture.


Glass is often used as a decoration,glass vases, dishes, plenty of glass lamps, they all help to bring more light into the house breaking fall sunlight. As accessories you can hang photos in simple frames, put the basket with green apples or room dekorativnolistvennye plants. In honor northerners manual art objects, they can be safely used as accessories.


A couple of bright accent pillows and posters willinterior brighter, maintaining the idea of ​​the Scandinavian style. All small items are usually placed in a beautiful box. Boxes can be self-colored or trimmed with cloth. Textiles often striped, in a cage or with ornaments such as, deer, snowflakes, Christmas trees and zigzags. Welcome skins and plenty of warm blankets.

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