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How to lay PVC panels


How to lay PVC panels</a>

PVC panels are one of the most comfortable materials for decoration. They can be used to cover walls and ceilings indoors.

In addition, with their help, an additional wall is easily created or a small room inside another is built.

The most acceptable way of installing PVC panels is on a wooden frame. It is light, and if you have to remodel or remove the built, it will not be difficult.

You can even lay PVC panels on your own.

You will need

  • - wooden bar-
  • - punch-
  • - Drill with a set of drill-
  • - self-
  • - sharp knife-
  • - level-
  • - ruler



Determine how many PVC panelsWill be needed. To do this, measure the area of ​​the place where they will be installed. Take with a margin, about 10-15%. PVC panels can be mounted vertically and horizontally, on an even and not on a leveled surface. To install the panels on the wall, take the level and determine its curvature. To do this, attach it to the wall horizontally and mark the most protruding sections. Make a frame, the most acceptable - from wooden bars. Their cross-section depends on the communications that will take place behind the PVC Panels.


Take the wooden bar. Drill in it in advance holes drill diameter of 4-6 mm. Attach it to the projecting sections of the wall horizontally and mark through them the places for fastening the dowels. Take the punch and punch the grooves with the winning drill (6-8 mm). Insert the plug. Take the bar, insert the wood screws into the drilled holes. Attach to the wall and screw it with a screwdriver or manually screwdriver. Take a level or a plumb line. Mark on the wall the place of attachment of the second bar. Fix it, if there is too much clearance from the wall, use wooden substrates.


Take the rule, the metal profile forFastening drywall or a flat bar height of 2-2.2 m and attach to two bolted bars. It is best to screw them with screws to them. Take the third bar and set it according to the level that the vertically-placed bar will give. Screw to the wall horizontally the third bar in the same way as the previous ones.


Take the starting profile for PVC panels andScrew it vertically with screws (20-25 mm) to the very edge of the grate (the short part should be on top). It also needs to be done around the perimeter of the site. Cut the desired length of the panel with a sharp knife and insert it into the start profiles (groove outwards). Screw the screws or shoot it to the wooden grill with furniture staples. Insert the next PVC panel into the groove and fix it. Type them on the wall. Measure from the penultimate width, including inside the starting profile, cut along the panel and insert the last panel first into the groove, and then into the starting profile, gently bending the upper part of it.

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