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STYLE in the interior of China

Chinese style interior

Chinese style attracts the attention of many, it is a memorable and practical.

It is distinguished by forethought and harmony, besides it extremely decorative.



Chinese style is not to be confused with the Japanese, it does notthis minimalistic. Bright colors, plenty of thread, silk road make it unlike any other style. To decorate the interior lining niches, arches, ceilings are complemented by elements carved and painted. To split the screen space is used.


The walls are covered with paintings, paint, paperwallpaper, fabric and wood paneling. Typical colors are red, black, blue, gold. Wood selected and dark red flowers. Paul made a wooden or stone, and here and there pertinent drawings. Bamboo mats complement the bad image of the interior.


To skip a maximum of natural lightwindow does not issued, the maximum that you can choose is the bamboo blinds. For artificial lighting selected paper lanterns, and lamps closed woven fabric.


The furniture in the interior of Chinese red and oftenblack, made of wood, decorate it with carvings and inlays. Furniture is low, and in the interior of it a little. Besides bamboo wood is used for furniture.


The main motifs in the carving and paintingare nature, dragons, characters. As accessories, you can choose Chinese porcelain, masks, carpets, fan. Use silk and Chinese painting. Grow a real bonsai, so you join the culture in high places and a unique piece of furniture.

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